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Structured Data Change History Timeline

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October 2023

Updated recommended property for Article rich results

Google updated their documentation on the dateModified and datePublished properties, to clarify that they recommend providing timezone information - otherwise they will default to the timezone used by Googlebot.

August 2022

Clarification added to documentation for Article rich result

Google updated the Article structured data documentation to reflect that Article markup is open to all types of pages (as announced in 2020 with the page experience update).

August 2021

Added recommended property for Article rich result

Google added a new recommended property of author.url, which allows you to specify a link to a web page that uniquely identifies the author of the article, such as a social media profile or a bio page on the website. This author URL acts as a node identifier, and allows Google to disambiguate the correct author of the article.

May 2021

Clarification to publisher logo requirements for AMP Article rich result

On their Article structured data documentation, Google updated the required properties for AMP pages, to clarify that publisher.logo can be either a URL or ImageObject, and added examples for each.

Note that the requirements themselves have not changed, it is just a clarification to more accurately reflect that they understand both raw URLs as well as ImageObject markup.

August 2020

Clarification to Article documentation for AMP and non-AMP pages

Clarified that there are different Article requirements for AMP and non-AMP pages. Added an example of a non-AMP page with Article structured data.

July 2020

Updated guidelines for Article rich result for AMP pages

Updated the AMP logo guidelines to clarify that the file format must be supported by Google images.

June 2020

Updated guidelines for Article rich result for AMP pages

Added a note to differentiate between guidelines applicable to Article AMP logo guidelines and generic Logo guidelines.

May 2020

Rich Result Test now supports Article structured data on AMP pages

Google's RRT now works with Article structured data on AMP pages. Documentation also updated, removing the following recommended fields: description, publisher.logo.height, publisher.logo.width.

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