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Sitebulb Brand Assets

Logo with grey text

The OG logo, you will find sitting proudly at the top of this page. This is what we reach for first when displaying a logo in a digital format.

Logo with white text

From posters to t-shirts, this variation is used for when we need something that works in the dark.

Sitebulb logo with out text

This logo is anything but square, we use it on our socials and favicons.


With its high readability and curvy soft sans-serif silhouette - Filson Soft is our workhorse font. Body copy uses Book font face while titles use a contrast of Thin and Heavy font faces.


Primary #1fb6ff

The star of the show, our primary colour is used in our logo, headers and links.

Logo Text #555859

A solid grey, used for headers, logos and background of footer.

Body Text #567183

An easy on the eye slate blue, used for our body copy.

Primary Action #13ce66

Green is our attention grabber, used for when we really want you to click something and is always the primary action on a page.

Secondary Action #ff9a02

This burnt orange is used sparingly, warnings and buttons that need to be thought about.