Sitebulb for Ecommerce

Whether your website is a major online retailer or a niche product shop, your ecommerce store is the lifeblood of your company.

If you don’t stay on top of your technical SEO - and all the day-to-day website changes that are par for the course – your competitors will not hesitate to steal a march on you in the rankings.

Sitebulb is powerful, unbelievably comprehensive and endlessly configurable, giving you everything you need to ensure that your SEO stays on point.

Trusted and loved by 5,000+ SEOs across the globe.

Auditing at scale

Auditing at scale

Crawl large ecommerce sites websites with ease

Unlike other desktop crawlers, Sitebulb writes data to disk as it crawls, meaning you don’t get the classic ‘sorry you’ve run out of RAM’ scenario stopping you in your tracks.

Sitebulb is designed for scale, both in the crawl capability and the intuitive reporting interface – instead of sifting through hundreds of thousands of rows of spreadsheet data, Sitebulb just picks out the issues for you and presents a list of prioritized recommendations.

Sitebulb Server takes scale to another level and can handle websites with as many as 5 million HTML URLs. However many product pages you have, Sitebulb can handle it.

Andreas Voniatis

Andreas Voniatis


Sitebulb is hands down the best crawler, which I use for enterprise level SEO science projects. What I love is the interface, the ability to export all columns using the URL explorer, the number of things checked, the ability to install onto a cloud server. Of course as a greedy data scientist, I'll always want more, and Sitebulb is doing the job, exceedingly well.

Recurring Audits

Crawl on autopilot every day/week/month

Regular auditing is how you stay on top of new featured products, discontinued products, seasonal promotions, sales, and all the other bits of pieces of the website that change on a regular basis.

Sitebulb allows you to set up recurring crawl schedules so you don’t even need to think about running the audits, it will just do it in the background so that the data is ready for when you need it next.

And when the developers won’t let you crawl the website site during peak hours? No problem, just schedule your audits to run while all your customers are asleep.

Recurring Audits
No crawl credits

No crawl credits

Crawl all the things

Crawl credits are the single most annoying limitation about cloud-based crawlers. Since every URL you crawl is a credit you consume, you have to be really careful not to burn through your credits.

Sitebulb does not operate with crawl credits OR project limits (yes, even with our Sitebulb Server product). You can crawl as many sites as you are physically able to, as many times as you need to. And of course, there’s no extra ‘surcharge’ for crawling with JavaScript.

This means you can have your ‘whole site crawl’ project, and your top landing pages project, and your performance monitoring project, and all your competitor website projects, and so on and so forth…

James Wilson

James Wilson


Sitebulb is one of my favourite crawl tools and make's a huge impact for our ecommerce SEO team. I particularly like how immediate it is to get a sense of what needs attention and where the issues on your sites are. The audit scores for each report and the hints make it really straightforward to spot what areas of your site need work and what areas are doing fine. The custom reports are also very useful!

Change History

No more 'what did the devs change?'

When you’re working on a site where things change rapidly and regularly, it can be difficult to stay on top of what’s changed (and why!).

Sitebulb’s in-built historical trends show you what’s changed at a glance, so you can spend your time figuring out if these are the changes you wanted to see!

To dig in beyond the trends themselves, Sitebulb also has a complete Audit Comparison feature, which allows you to compare changes between two audits for every metric that Sitebulb collects.

Change History
Beyond SEO

Beyond SEO

Holistic website auditing

Focusing solely on SEO is no longer enough to succeed in the cut-throat world of ecommerce.

This is where Sitebulb’s best-in-class structured data analysis comes into its own. On top of that, Sitebulb provides the tools to also audit things like accessibility, security, performance… and even spellings!

If that wasn’t enough, Sitebulb also includes a sophisticated custom scraper feature, for those ‘other’ tasks you may be required to do (ahem* competitor price scraping *ahem).

Data Everywhere

Build your own intelligence dashboards

If you see some data in Sitebulb, you can export it. Pretty much anything. Into a CSV for those die-hard Excel lovers, or up into the collaborative nirvana of Google Sheets.

This can be single audit data for one-off audits, or ‘change over time data’ that can be used to power your own dashboards in Looker Studio.

This allows you to combine and present key data in a way that fits with company expectations, and satisfy those suit-wearing C-levels in the process.

Data Everywhere

There's a version of Sitebulb for everyone!

No project limits. No crawl credits. We save you time and we save you money.

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