Top 10 OnCrawl Alternatives and Substitutes

OnCrawl is a popular technical SEO tool with impressive website auditing capabilities that can provide its users with in-depth reports and analysis. However, it’s not the only tool available in the market - far from it. There are several OnCrawl alternatives that can offer similar benefits - and a fair few that have totally unique features, the likes of which might make them the better choice for you.

In an industry as competitive as SEO, it’s important to be constantly comparing and reviewing the tools you use to make sure you’re getting not only good value for money, but also using the brightest and best technology that will give your work the edge it needs.

If you’ve tried OnCrawl and found it doesn’t meet your requirements, or want to see if there’s another software that could better meet your needs, let's take a look at some of the leading OnCrawl substitutes. We’ll be taking into consideration aspects such as pricing, features, user reviews, and customer service.

Specialist site auditing tools

Alternative 1 - Sitebulb Cloud

Sitebulb Cloud offers comprehensive website auditing and covers both on-page and technical SEO. Reports are detailed and customizable and come with prioritised recommendations for which issues to tackle first, and how to approach them. Often praised in its reviews for its intuitive interface and the way in which it visualises data, Sitebulb ranks highly in user-friendliness. Customer service is prompt and efficient, and there is obviously a culture of continuous improvement with its regular updates. This, combined with its affordability and the versatility of what it can do makes Sitebulb Cloud a great website auditing tool.

Compared to OnCrawl, Sitebulb Cloud’s pricing is refreshingly transparent, with breakdowns available in different currencies, and both high and low-end tiers of product packages to suit any user’s needs. The main area in which Sitebulb Cloud stands out when held up against competitors is its lack of project limits. Being able to audit multiple client websites without having to pay extra to crawl them is invaluable, especially for freelance and agency SEO.

Alternative 2 - Lumar

Formerly known as Deepcrawl, Lumar is the self-described “lightbulb moment” you’ve been waiting for. Lumar’s website intelligence platform helps you to identify and fix both structural and technical website issues you may be facing, focusing on which changes will help you to make the most impact to your site. While some reviews claim it can be difficult to use their different products in tandem with each other, overall Lumar is hailed as a great data analysis tool, and a company that is quick to respond to any issues its users report. GetApp describes Lumar’s users as mainly large enterprises and mid-size businesses.

In terms of pricing, Lumar is available on subscription, and a specific pricing plan is given to you after getting in touch with your requirements. Similarly to OnCrawl, this makes it hard to compare their prices. Lumar has better reviews than OnCrawl regarding ease of use and customer service, and Lumar users feel that they get more in terms of ongoing product support.

Alternative 3 - Botify

Botify has an impressive list of partners, including L’Oreal, Groupon, and The New York Times, and as such is often described as an enterprise-level SEO tool. Botify aims to increase your website ROI and streamline workflows. Highly configurable, the amount of information Botify can process and provide you with makes it an excellent choice for large e-commerce sites. However, the high number of filters with which you can comb through this data can also take some time to get to grips with.

Botify has three levels of pricing; Essential, Pro, and Enterprise, and while there are no specific costs listed on their website, reviews do say that Botify is at the expensive end of the scale of website auditing tools. OnCrawl also offers a free trial period - something that Botify doesn’t have.

Alternative 4 - JetOctopus

Next on the list is JetOctopus. Reviews praise this tool’s speed, even by cloud-based crawler standards. It has the ability to “crawl 200 pages per second and complete a 50,000 page website in just 5 minutes”. As of November 2022, JetOctopus can now integrate data from Google Analytics, a missing feature that was previously holding it back when it came to website auditing tool comparisons. This responsiveness might explain why reviewers prefer the “direction” of JetOctopus to OnCrawl when looking at feature updates and roadmaps.

JetOctopus’ interactive sliding pricing scale is incredibly useful, allowing users to see a detailed breakdown of exactly what features they’re getting for their monthly subscription, an area where they truly outshine OnCrawl. They also offer to discuss providing above and beyond what is listed, if needed. However, their prices are still described as not necessarily “competitive”, so may not be an option for those on a restricted budget.

Alternative 5 - Screaming Frog

With plenty of 5-star reviews on Capterra, Screaming Frog has a lot of fans. A UK-based SEO agency, their SEO Spider Tool is straightforward and easy to use, and the dashboard presents its technical SEO suggestions all in one place. It’s a great crawler that can be used alongside tools such as GA and Semrush for a more powerful audit, though some reviewers feel that the need to use multiple tools to get the complete list of features they need makes it less appealing.

The key difference is that Screaming Frog is desktop only, with no cloud capabilities. This means it may not be a user’s first choice for crawling bigger websites or working collaboratively, as the crawl data lives on your desktop machine. There are also comments from reviewers about the interface being a little dated.

In terms of pricing, there is a free version with a crawling limit of 500 URLs. This becomes unlimited with the paid version (whereas OnCrawl uses a “crawl credits” system), and prices are listed clearly in multiple currencies and based on the number of licences you need.

Alternative 6 - Audisto

Audisto is a cloud-based crawler operating out of Germany, and caters to technically-focused SEOs. It has some useful features, such as its ability to group URLs into filtered clusters, which is a great time-saver and makes information easily decipherable when working in a large team.

Audisto Crawler has a scalable pricing plan starting from €99 a month depending on how many URLs you need to crawl, however to access benefits such as screen sharing and online training in how to get the most from the product, you need their Audisto Monitoring package, which is significantly more expensive. There also aren’t a lot of reviews of Audisto to be found online compared to its competitors, so opting for this tool may be more of a leap of faith.

SEO suites which include site auditing tools

The next set of alternatives to OnCrawl are not specifically site auditing tools - they’re all-in-one SEO tools of varying scopes that include site auditing. This means that rather than being aimed at SEOs who need to run site audits regularly, on large websites, or with specialist requirements like JavaScript rendering, they’re more suited to all-rounders.

Alternative 7 - Semrush Site Audit tool

Semrush is one of the most well-known names in the industry. While Semrush’s Site Audit tool is regarded as both robust and effective, it does have its limitations - especially as Semrush itself is not dedicated to website auditing, and their audit tool is only a smaller facet of the whole product.

The most obvious of these limitations is its restrictions on projects, and crawling both per month and per project. For example, if you wanted to crawl more than 100,000 pages a month, you would need to purchase the second tier of their pricing options. JavaScript rendering is also only available at the second tier pricing plan or higher.

Semrush is one of the few website auditing tools to provide a free version of its services, as well as transparent pricing. They also provide extensive customer support through multiple channels.

One of the other downsides to Semrush is that it has been described as ‘overwhelming’ to newcomers and less-seasoned SEOs, who may not be able to appreciate the wide range of things it can do.

Alternative 8 - Ahrefs

For site auditing, Ahref’s packages are quite restrictive, operating on a monthly crawl credits system, and with easily frustrating limits on pages per project. You are able to get free access to Ahrefs’ Site Explorer and Site Audit as a website owner, but their previous week-long free trial period has been discontinued. Pricing packages are clearly listed on their website, but Ahref’s relative expensiveness is the main dislike in the majority of its reviews. OnCrawl pricing may be difficult to obtain, but is not as universally identified as its weak point.

Where Ahrefs particularly shines is link-building, scoring 9.5 out of 10 in this area through this G2 comparison. One Gartner review describes it as the “best tool for analysing backlink data and internal links”.

Alternative 9 - Moz Pro

Listed on Capterra’s list of Emerging Favourites (despite being founded nearly two decades ago) for Competitive Intelligence Software for 2023, Moz Pro has had skin in the SEO game for a long time. An end-to-end SEO solution, years of experience are evident in Moz Pro’s strong list of features. It also has the option of Moz Local for businesses with a fixed location and local marketing needs - something that many other SEO tools are lacking.

The auditing element to Moz is comparatively small, and while packages aren’t as limiting as some of the others on the list (you can crawl 400,000 pages per month on the lowest tier), it’s still not great.

Yearly-paid subscriptions are discounted which is always a nice feature, and there are different free trials and demos available depending on which product plan you would like to try.

Alternative 10 - SE Ranking

SE Ranking is another all-in-one SEO solution, able to help with keyword suggestion and research, backlink monitoring, and group analysis, to name but a few features. It’s competitively easy to use, no matter your experience level, as the website audits are impressively actionable.

SE Ranking prices are explained clearly, with different plans described by which kind of users are most likely to make use of them. They are also able to provide custom product plans, and offer a free trial. SE Ranking is considered very good value for money, though recent price increases have rubbed some customers up the wrong way.

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