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Contact Sitebulb Support


We have loads of resources on the site already that may answer your question, please check out:

  • FAQ - where we answer frequently asked questions about Sitebulb.
  • Learn Sitebulb - a dedicated area for learning how to make the most of the Sitebulb tool. 
  • Documentation - this includes explanations about setting up and running audits, how audits and projects work, and licensing/subscriptions/billing.
  • Articles & Guides - various how-to guides and insights from Sitebulb and guest experts, e.g. How to crawl a JavaScript website.
  • Feature Requests - use this dedicated area to add your own feature requests and get votes from the community, and vote or comment on other suggestions.

Contact Us

The best way to contact support is directly through the chat within Sitebulb.

How to reach Support within Sitebulb

You can also use the 'Search for help' feature within the Sitebulb messenger to surface relevant documentation.

If, for any reason, you cannot access the chat within the tool, you can also reach the support team by emailing us.

Help us help you

Please ensure you are running the latest version of Sitebulb, and that any issues are also present on this version.

If you need to report an issue, some data that will help us help you (and we may well ask you to send us anyway):

  • Screenshots (or even better, screencasts!) of the issue. You can use something like TechSmith Capture to quickly create these and upload for free.
  • The website you are auditing, if you are able to share this (NDAs and all that).
  • What crawl settings you are using (e.g. Chrome Crawler, with every box ticked).
  • An export of the audit itself (this does not mean Excel spreadsheets, it means the .sbp audit file which you can export and share). Check this guide: How to share a Sitebulb audit.

If you come armed with this information, we can get to the root of your problem a lot quicker.

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