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Comparing Sitebulb Cloud vs Botify

Comparing cloud crawler tools should be easy, but more often than not it’s hard to get a good picture of what a product can provide without making enquiries or downloading demos. Sometimes you just want to see the facts laid bare. This is why, with our product comparisons, we like to make sure you get a full picture of the services on offer to you. So let’s weigh up Sitebulb Cloud features against Botify features, along with third-party reviews, to see which is the better tool for your SEO utility belt.

More than just a cloud crawler, for a much lower cost

You want a crawler that’s going to give you everything you need, without taking forever to get to grips with it or it breaking the bank. That shouldn’t be too much to ask - at least, as far as we’re concerned. We’re pretty confident that Sitebulb is going to tick all of your boxes, which is why we don’t mind going toe to toe with our competitors.

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Botify reviews

Sitebulb Cloud Overview

Independent, bootstrapped, and focused on using our own wealth of SEO knowledge to provide the exact services that other SEOs need, Sitebulb is trusted by thousands of users across the globe. With both Desktop and Cloud crawlers available at competitive prices, we like to think we have something for everyone. Capterra reviews give Sitebulb a rating of 4.9 out of 5.

Botify Overview

Founded in 2012, Botify is an SEO tool focused on performance marketing and is currently used by hundreds of large enterprises worldwide. Praised by users for the depth of its reporting, but out of reach for many due to its high prices, Botify is a powerful tool that can easily leave some feeling intimidated. Capterra reviews leave Botify with a rating of 4.3 out of 5.

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Sitebulb Cloud vs Botify

Feature Sitebulb Botify
On-page SEO analysis tick tick
Internal link analysis tick tick
Structured data validation tick tick
Google Analytics Integration  tick tick
 Looker Studio Connector  tick   tick
 Site Visualizations/Crawl Maps  tick  cross
 Performance auditing  tick  cross
 Link Explorer  tick  cross
 No project limits  tick  cross
 JavaScript crawling inc. for free  tick  cross

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Robyn Lodge
“Sitebulb is an easy to use, non-complicated crawler that allows us to crawl at scale for an affordable price AND get meaningful support, rather than unnecessary account management. Because the interface is so intuitive, it’s super easy for the whole team to use, even new team members.”

Why is Sitebulb Cloud a superb alternative to Botify?


Botify’s pricing hasn’t been publicly available for some years, but a little digging has proven Sitebulb to be significantly cheaper. Customers paying 5 figures a month for Botify services would be expected to only be paying 5 figures a year for the same service from Sitebulb.

Sitebulb prices are transparent, fair, and hard to beat. This means that more users are able to appreciate our products, and we can carry on providing SEOs of all levels with unbeatable service and solutions.

Crawl Comparison

While unfortunately being one of many cloud crawlers that is limited by total URLs and projects, Botify is an undoubtedly powerful crawler, able to tackle huge websites with ease. However this is yet another example of how Botify is really only aimed at large enterprises - if your website’s pages are in the hundreds or thousands, you’d probably find a cheaper tool to be just as effective.

Sitebulb’s scalability is a real strength here - it’s more than capable of crawling websites with millions of pages, but not at a price point that excludes individuals and agencies. And unlike Botify, we think JavaScript crawling is too useful to be a paid add-on - which is why we don’t charge any extra for it. 

Target Audience

Botify’s target audience is teams of digital marketing experts who work for large enterprises. This precise repositioning has come more into focus in the last few years, and is something that individual SEOs and agencies might find off-putting.

Sitebulb has something to offer everyone, and is used widely - by freelancers and startups all the way up to busy digital marketing agencies and large enterprises. This really speaks to Sitebulb’s experience in the industry, and our ability to cater for SEOs of all levels.

Reviews and Ratings

Reviews for Botify are generally positive, with lots of praise for how easy it is to use, in spite of an onboarding process that some describe as complicated, and compliments for the depth of reporting. The main negative points that arise time and again are the high prices, and less-than satisfactory customer service. By contrast, these are some of the areas in which Sitebulb’s reviews truly glow. When looking at Sitebulb compared to Botify on review site G2, Sitebulb pips Botify to the post with 4.5 out of 5 stars against Botify’s 4.4.

Service Support

While Botify offers an impressive range of service support options, including forums, dedicated customer service reps and live chat support, public opinion on the effectiveness of these support measures is mixed at best. While their knowledge base is vast and useful, it’s not the same as the personal touch that comes with good customer service.

Sitebulb likes to treat every issue a customer brings to us as unique. Depending on your package we’re available through email and Slack, and being friendly and supportive is incredibly important to us. It’s actually one of our core values.

Sitebulb is the standout website auditing tool for your business

The battle of Sitebulb vs Botify is just one example of the decisions that SEOs, website owners and enterprises make every day when looking for the best tools to serve their needs. Comparisons aren’t easy when some companies gatekeep their prices and features - but maybe it’s our confidence in Sitebulb standing heads and shoulders above the rest that makes us so keen to be transparent with you. And of course, if you're new to Sitebulb, you can give it a 14-day free test drive, which will give you a flavour of what to expect with Cloud. 

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