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DeepCrawl alternatives:
Comparing Sitebulb Cloud vs Lumar (formerly DeepCrawl)

When it comes to selecting a cloud crawler, the market of available tools is broad and bustling, and it can be hard to make sure you're using the best product for your team. If you don't want to be swimming in a sea of free (or sometimes even pricey) demos, checkout our product comparison.

Sitebulb vs Lumar

We know what you're looking for

You need a crawler that's going to make life feel easier, whether that means playing nicely with your other programs, or being kinder to your budget. By comparing Sitebulb Cloud to Lumar feature by feature, we can help you decide which is the better tool for your website auditing needs.

And if the answer is Sitebulb? Well, we wouldn't be surprised.



Sitebulb vs Lumar Reviews

Sitebulb Cloud Overview

Sitebulb's main goal has been to make things as easy as possible for our customers. That includes intuitive interfaces, transparent and well-equipped product packages, and the kind of pricing that makes our services available to everyone. When it comes to public opinion, software review site Capterra gives Sitebulb a 4.9 out of 5.

Lumar Overview

Lumar, previously Deepcrawl, pride themselves on being customer-focused. They're used by high-performing and globally-recognised brands, and have been actively evolving from a technical SEO solution to an enterprise-scale website intelligence platform. Capterra gives Lumar an overall score of 4.2 out of 5.

Meet some of the Sitebulb supporters already enjoying our services:

Sitebulb Cloud vs Lumar/DeepCrawl

Feature Sitebulb Lumar
On-page SEO analysis tick tick
Internal link analysis tick tick
Google Analytics Integration  tick tick
 Looker Studio Connector  tick   tick
 Site Visualizations/Crawl Maps  tick  cross
 Performance auditing  tick  cross
 Mobile-friendly checks  tick  cross
 No project limits  tick  cross
 JavaScript crawling inc. for free  tick  cross

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Charles Coxhead
“Sitebulb Cloud is a much cheaper and more flexible option than all of the other web based crawling tools.”

Why is Sitebulb Cloud a great alternative to Lumar (formerly DeepCrawl)?


Unfortunately, Lumar pricing isn't publicly available. If this lack of transparency leads you to believe that Lumar's services are likely expensive, you'd be right. The cost of Lumar is one of the main negative points raised in many of their otherwise positive reviews. Of course, there are definitely people willing to pay those high amounts for Lumar's services, but it doesn't make them very accessible for those on tighter budgets.

Sitebulb has always been in favour of transparent pricing, and the prices for both the Desktop and Cloud products are readily available on their website, with the potential for more expansive packages upon discussion. You can view Sitebulb Cloud pricing here.

Crawl Comparison

When it comes to crawling, Lumar is known for its ability to crawl big websites, with reviews labeling it as powerful, if not the most intuitive. They claim to be the fastest crawler on the market, and cite crawling as one of the cornerstones of their website intelligence platform - though many users are happy to use it for the crawler alone.

Both products benefit from the freedom that comes with being cloud crawlers and running through servers - but with Sitebulb Cloud you are also given access to our Desktop product, giving you more flexibility to try different styles of working across your team. Crucially, Sitebulb doesn't impose any limitations on projects or total URLs crawled, something that can be a major pain point for SEOs, and something the Lumar imposes restrictively.

Target Audience

We've said previously that Lumar is positioning itself as a website intelligence platform aimed at larger enterprises - part of their recent rebrand seems to involve wanting to move away from being 'just a crawler.' Unfortunately with this standpoint and their expensive pricing, they're missing out on being able to help smaller agencies and freelancers with their product. 

Sitebulb has a broader appeal, thanks to our far more accessible price points, and the desire to be able to help SEOs at any level - whether they're freelance SEOs, large teams at agencies or enterprises, or a website owner looking to improve their own performance.

Reviews and Ratings

With matching ratings of 4.5 on review site G2, both Lumar and Sitebulb garner largely positive reviews, though their main praises are for different qualities. For example, as previously mentioned, Lumar's professional services team feature highly in their reviews, whereas Sitebulb's user-friendly interface is prominent in theirs. This could mean that Lumar may be the better choice for you if you're looking for a lot of support and guidance, whereas Sitebulb's intuitiveness will allow you to quickly fly solo without any need for jargon-busting.

Service Support

If you're part of an agency and using Lumar, you may find yourself singing from the same hymn sheet as their professional services team - which can be a good or a bad thing, depending on how you like to work and the kind of support you require. While they offer regular meetings, consultations and SEO strategy reviews, this may not be the kind of help you require on a day-to-day basis as a professional in the industry.

Sitebulb offers support via email and, for the more high-end packages, Slack. You're able to share screenshots and screencasts, helping us to help you get to the bottom of any issues quickly and effectively.

Why Sitebulb Cloud is the best cloud crawler for your business

With both our Desktop and Cloud offerings, Sitebulb is always focused on making our product as good as it can be, and our customers as satisfied as possible. As a small company with no investor pressure, we're able to focus on what matters to us - providing high-quality, affordable website auditing for anyone who needs us. And of course, if you're new to Sitebulb, you can give it a 14-day free test drive, which will give you a flavour of what to expect with Cloud. 

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