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Callum Mundine

Callum Mundine

Warble Media

Using Sitebulb is such a breeze. The interface is incredibly fast and user friendly. My favourite part is the hints section, where I can get detailed and instantly actionable technical advice to improve my sites. In the past I'd been using Screaming Frog, but I've officially made the switch to Sitebulb.

Your checklist done for you

Every time you complete a website audit, Sitebulb will pre-process over 200 common optimization checks, and present these as context-specific ‘Hints’.

Hints are checks that are typically time-consuming or complex to put together manually, such as URLs that are disallowed by robots.txt, or URLs missing a Google Analytics code. Instead of messing around in Excel for hours, let Sitebulb do all this heavy lifting for you.

To view every single Hint checked by Sitebulb, see the full list of Hints here.

Dive straight into the issues

Each different report has a corresponding set of Hints, which allows you to easily check them in context. There is also an option to view All Hints, and jump straight into the issues.

Make reporting easier

Whether you use them to save time on reporting, or use them to help show new SEO’s the ropes, you’ll find Sitebulb’s Hints continually useful.

Find out how Sitebulb’s Hints work to save you time:

Unpick complex configurations

Sitebulb identifies chained or conflicting directives, that are extremely hard to spot manually.

Plain English descriptions

Some Hints require more explanation, and Sitebulb provides this with simple, straightforward explanations and examples.

Simple priority system

Since some issues are more severe than others, Sitebulb employs a very simple priority system: red is an issue, and blue is ‘advisory.’

Tickmarks for checked items

To give you peace of mind, Sitebulb also displays all the Hints that the website ‘passed’, giving you a nice green tick for a job well done.

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