Website accessibility is about designing and developing your website to make it usable and accessible for users with disabilities. More specifically, accessibility allows disabled users to perceive, understand, navigate, and interact with your website.

Improving your site's accessibility also has a number of user benefits for those who are not disabled, such as users on smaller screens, older users, and people with 'situational limitations' such as in bright sunlight or in an environment where they cannot listen to audio

Automated accessibility testing

Sitebulb's accessibility audit utilizes the open source aXe library developed by Deque, running 50+ automated accessibility checks against the content and code of every page of your website.

This is the same technology that powers the accessibility audit in Google's Lighthouse tool, so you can perform a spot-check on a single URL or debug further in the browser using Lighthouse.

Sitebulb's Hint system will show you every violation found on each page, and each violation is wired up to the Deque University aXe Rules via a Learn More link, which explain what the rule means, what it is looking for, and how to fix it.

Accessibility Hints

Accessibility Hints

The accessibility ruleset spans a number of different aspects, as follows:

Colour contrast

  1. Elements must have sufficient color contrast
  2. Links can be distinguished without relying on color

ARIA roles

  1. ARIA attributes must conform to valid names
  2. ARIA attributes must conform to valid values
  3. ARIA roles used must conform to valid values
  4. aria-hidden="true" must not be present on the document body
  5. Certain ARIA roles must be contained by particular parents
  6. Certain ARIA roles must contain particular children
  7. Required ARIA attributes must be provided
  8. Elements must only use allowed ARIA attributes


  1. Form elements must have labels
  2. Form elements should have a visible label


  1. Frames must have title attribute
  2. Frames must have a unique title attribute

Alt text

  1. Images must have alternate text
  2. <object> elements must have alternate text
  3. Active <area> elements must have alternate text
  4. Button or link text should not be repeated in the image alternative
  5. Image buttons must have alternate text


  1. Headings must not be empty
  2. Ensure p elements are not used to style headings
  3. Heading levels should only increase by one

Discernible text

  1. Links must have discernible text
  2. Ensure buttons have discernible text


  1. Page must contain one main landmark
  2. Main landmark is not at top level
  3. Content should be contained in a landmark region
  4. Page must have means to bypass repeated blocks

Definition lists

  1. <dt> and <dd> elements must be contained by a <dl>
  2. Ensure <dl> elements are structured correctly


  1. <html> element must have a valid value for the lang attribute
  2. <html> element must have a lang attribute
  3. lang attribute must have a valid value

Video and audio

  1. <video> elements must have an audio description track
  2. <video> elements must have captions
  3. <audio> elements must have a captions track


  1. Ensure that lists are structured correctly
  2. Ensures <li> elements are used semantically

Grouped inputs

  1. Checkbox inputs with the same name attribute value must be part of a group
  2. Radio inputs with the same name attribute value must be part of a group


  1. Layout tables must not use data table elements
  2. Table <caption> contain the same text as the summary attribute
  3. Table headers in a data table must refer to data cells
  4. Data or header cells should not be used to give caption to a data table
  5. Ensure that each non-empty data cell in a large table has one or more table headers
  6. Ensure that each table header in a data table refers to data cells
  7. scope attribute should be used correctly

Zooming and scaling

  1. Users should be able to zoom and scale the text up to 500%
  2. Zooming and scaling must not be disabled


  1. Elements should not have tabindex greater than zero
  2. The page should have a skip link as its first link
  3. Documents must have <title> element to aid in navigation
  4. accesskey attribute value must be unique
  5. id attribute value must be unique

Depreceated elements

  1. <blink> elements are deprecated and must not be used
  2. Ensure <marquee> elements are not used

Accessibility barriers

  1. Server-side image maps must not be used
  2. Hidden content on the page cannot be analyzed
  3. Timed refresh must not exist

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