Sitebulb Desktop vs Cloud:
Full Product Comparison

We've been comparing website auditing tools feature by feature, using our knowledge of what SEOs need to carry out their best work. We think that the competitive drive that compels you to do better doesn't always have to come from rivals - which is why we're comparing our award-winning Sitebulb Desktop to our latest offering, Sitebulb Cloud.

Sitebulb Desktop vs Cloud

A closer look at Sitebulb

First launched in 2017, Sitebulb have been striving for excellence in the competitive crawling scene ever since. We have always been focused on carving out the actionable insights from big blocks of data, and making this information more easily accessible for our customers - not just through using our software, but also by making it readily affordable. We also believe that providing support that feels as personal as it is expert is key to making our customers feel empowered.

Sitebulb Desktop has won awards - quite a few, in fact. It's a powerful SEO analysis tool, with all of our team's collective experience and knowledge baked into its features. Its only failing is the way that, as a desktop crawler, it is tied to the limitations of working from a single machine. While this is great for individuals, we knew that developing a cloud-based offering would help teams to be able to appreciate and access all of Desktop's abilities from multiple places at once. 

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Sitebulb Desktop vs Cloud

Where does your business sit on this list?

Feature Desktop Cloud
Freelancers tick  cross
Startups tick  cross
Website owners  tick  cross
Web agencies  tick  tick
SEO professionals  tick tick
Consultants  tick tick
Digital marketing agencies  tick tick
Big enterprises  cross tick
Large SEO teams  cross tick

What are the differences between Desktop and Cloud?

When working with a desktop-based tool you are very much at the mercy of your machine. This means that should anything happen to your desktop computer, be it an unpredictable crash, an unintentional unplugging or an unavoidable accident, your work may be interrupted and even irretrievable. Not only this, but you're more often than not forced to work on your own, as only one person at a time can have access to the desktop running the software. If you're an individual SEO whose needs match the desktop limitations, you might not feel the need to change. On the other hand, if desktop is leaving you feeling a little claustrophobic, the cloud could be the way to go.

Cloud solves desktop problems, and allows you to take leaps and bounds in these three key areas:

  • Teamwork
  • Accessibility
  • Scale

Multiple people can access the same data on the cloud at any one time, from anywhere. This is great for large teams and remote workers. It can also run regular recurring audits without you needing to leave a computer running and unattended - giving you one less thing to worry about when you log off for the evening. And it's scalable in a way that doesn't rely on CPU or RAM - think multiple audits running simultaneously, and the ability to crawl websites with millions of pages.


The major downside of most cloud crawlers is that they tend to be, in our opinion, unnecessarily expensive. While that's a fact, we don't think it should have to be a dealbreaker, and we certainly don't think the current trends in prices are fair. Sitebulb's transparent pricing is one of the things that truly sets it apart in the website auditing tools market, and a feature you can see for both Desktop and Cloud. Even at our cheapest plan, with Sitebulb Cloud you will also get access to Sitebulb Desktop, giving you access to all of the features you love, and the option to work in whichever way best suits you.

Project Limits

Project limits? What project limits? You won’t be held back by project limits in either Sitebulb Desktop or Sitebulb Cloud. There's also no limit to the number of Google Analytics or Google Search Console accounts you can add. And, if that's not enough, we won't charge extra for crawling with JavaScript. This is a rarity among website auditing tools, and one of the things we're proudest of.

Crawl Comparison

As we've previously mentioned, when it comes to features the main area in which the two products vary is the scalability of their crawling. The number of URLs that can be crawled via cloud is only dependent on the size of the server you choose - think big.

Service Support

Email support is available to all Sitebulb users, with higher packages gaining access to our customer service Slack. We always encourage the sharing of screenshots and screencasting to help get right to the root of an issue, not just provide you with a quick fix.

Why Sitebulb provides the best Auditing Tools for your business

We've set ourselves apart from our competitors with our auditing tools, by taking a look at the issues that users face with other products, and making sure we're not making the same mistakes. Transparent, affordable pricing isn't just there to grab your attention - it's to save you the time it would take to make an enquiry, only to not get the answers you were hoping for. Our lack of project and crawl limits isn't just for the sake of making us stand out (although it does), it's a solution to a frustrating problem that people using auditing tools come into contact with every day.

Whether you find yourself leaning towards Desktop or Cloud, you'll still get the benefits of Sitebulb's values, and commitment to easy and effective website auditing solutions.

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