Desktop Plans & Pricing

Additional users are only £7 per month. No minimum term.

Lite 1 User
$13.50 /month
10,000 URLs per audit
Ideal for freelancers, startups, website owners and web agencies.
All plans get:
  • 100+ Hints
  • JavaScript Crawling
  • GA/GSC/Sheets Integration
  • Duplicate Content
  • Crawl Maps
  • Crawl Maps
Pro 1 User
$35 /month
500,000 URLs per audit *
Perfect for SEO professionals, consultants and digital marketing agencies.
Everything in Lite plus:
  • 300+ Hints
  • Advanced Configuration
  • Audit Comparisons
  • Scheduled Audits
  • Customized PDF Reports
Sitebulb Cloud
From /month
Designed for collaboration, remote teams and extreme scale
Cloud crawling with:
  • No project limits
  • Up to 30 users
  • Up to 30m URLs/month
  • JS crawling for no extra cost
  • Native desktop integration

Trusted and loved by 5,000+ SEOs across the globe.

Designed for SEO consultants and agencies

  • Comprehensive SEO website audits
  • Easy to understand, prioritized recommendations
  • Explanations for issues in clear language
  • Beautiful, intuitive data visualizations
  • No extra charges for crawling JavaScript


Google Analytics

Google Search Console

Google Sheets

Sitebulb Desktop Pricing FAQs

*How many URLs can I crawl with Sitebulb Pro?

Sitebulb Pro is desktop software that runs on Windows or Mac, so the scale or website that you can crawl can be limited by the specification of your laptop/desktop machine. Most normal work computers can handle websites up to 500,000 URLs, so that is the default limit set. However you can raise the crawl limit up to 2 million URLs - please just be aware that you may be stretching your computer beyond what it is capable of. Please read our documentation before attempting to do this.

What Sitebulb plan should I choose for my organization?

Our most popular plan by a long way is Sitebulb Pro, as it offers a fantastic feature set at a really affordable price point. It is perfect for SEO professionals, consultants and digital marketing agencies.

Sitebulb Lite is designed for users who don’t really need to do website audits quite as often, or for users who aren’t necessarily SEO professionals. As such it is an ideal fit for freelancers, startups, website owners and web agencies.

What is the difference between Pro and Lite?

The big difference is that with Lite, you are restricted to crawling 10,000 URLs in total.

There are also a number of features and reports that are only available with a Pro license:

  • Performance & Mobile Friendly
  • Structured Data
  • International & Hreflang
  • Spell Checker
  • Accessibility
  • AMP
  • Scheduling
  • Auto-export to Google Sheets

There are also some limitations to crawl speed and the number of content extraction options you can add.

Should I actually look at Sitebulb Cloud?

Sitebulb Desktop is a phenomenal product, and Sitebulb Cloud is the next logical iteration, making it available in the browser and moving away from a dependence on your desktop machine.

Most Sitebulb Cloud customers prefer it to desktop either because they want to crawl at scale, or they want to get their entire team working from the same crawl data. Others simply prefer that it is cloud based, with no reliance on their local desktop computer.

Sitebulb Cloud might be suitable for you if you need to crawl very big sites (hundreds of thousands of URLs or more) or if you have an SEO team that all want to work off the same audit data.

It’s a lot more expensive, however, with plans starting from £195/month, and going up in excess of £20k/year for big teams that need to do LOTS of crawling.

If you’d like to explore it further, our Sitebulb Cloud page will help you understand how it works a bit better, and our Sitebulb Cloud Pricing page will give you a better idea of how much it might cost you.

What payment methods do you offer?

You can pay for Sitebulb via credit card or PayPal. If you wish to pay by purchase order/invoice, we can offer this for yearly plans only - please contact us on [email protected] for details.

Can I get a free trial of Sitebulb?

Yes, you can take Sitebulb for a spin to get a feel for how it works. The trial is equivalent to Sitebulb Pro (desktop), and it is completely free - no credit card and no up-front commitment. Head to the Sitebulb download page to get started.