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Optimize internal link equity flow

Examine link distribution across the site, so you can make sure that the most important pages are getting the most internal links.




Nothing else comes even close. Sitebulb is hands down the only site auditing tool that makes this SEO life easy. Its interface is a pleasure to work with and easy to understand for beginners. The actionable items makes any SEO's job 1000% faster and will make one look like a Super Star in front of their clients.

Identifying problems with link distribution

A website’s architecture has a big impact on how individual web pages are linked within the network. Some pages may get a lot of links, and some only a few. Since there is no ‘one size fits all’ protocol for website architecture, Sitebulb's internal link auditing gives you a multitude of options for discovering potential problems and opportunities.

Do you have orphaned pages, or pages with very few internal links?

Incoming Internal Followed Links Graph

Do you have problems with broken links or internal links to redirects?

Link Statuses

Where are your most powerful pages in terms of internal links?

URL Rank

Where are links located in the content itself? Navigation or in-content links?

Links in content

Explore and optimize anchor text through the comprehensive Link Explorer

Understand how well optimized the site is in terms of internal anchor text, and identify pages competing for the same terms with just a few clicks.

Link explorer

Dive straight into problem areas through prioritized Hints

Internal links are incredibly hard to stay on top of, particularly for large sites or sites with multiple content contributors.

Sitebulb’s Hints will highlight any such problems that may have crept in, such as link equity being wasted by linking to noindexed URLs, under-optimized anchor text, or completely malformed links.

Links Hints

Sitebulb Desktop

Find, fix and communicate technical issues with easy visuals, in-depth insights, & prioritized recommendations across 300+ SEO issues.

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Sitebulb Cloud

Get all the capability of Sitebulb Desktop, accessible via your web browser. Crawl at scale without project, crawl credit, or machine limits.

  • Perfect for collaboration, remote teams & extreme scale.