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Sitebulb is the second product we have developed for the SEO community, the first being a data collection tool called URL Profiler. We are a 2 man team, where Gareth does literally all the development, and Patrick does everything that is not development (including writing this copy). You can read the Sitebulb launch post here.

Why We Built Sitebulb

Where URL Profiler is a product we built to help us solve a problem we were experiencing at the time, we approached Sitebulb with less ‘how do we solve a problem’ and more ‘how do we make a better solution?’

There are of course lots of wonderful crawlers available today, but we don’t think that any of them are perfect. In the main, they give you the data, but don’t help you spot the underlying patterns that reveal the issues or opportunities you actually want to find.

So we’ve built Sitebulb with this in mind, and we’ve built every graph, data table and export to help tease out the understanding of what is actually going on with a website, and present it to you in a way that makes sense.

Literally everything we do is based around giving better data back to the user, and we’ll work tirelessly to keep doing this.

We’d love to hear what you think of it.

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Gareth Brown

Gareth Brown

Patrick Hathaway

Patrick Hathaway

Customer Success


Data has always been at the heart of effective SEO. We know this from years in the trenches working with our clients and companies, and Sitebulb was borne out of a need to get this data in a more efficient way.

We aim to make our customers’ lives easier, saving them time on everyday tasks and helping them become more efficient marketers - specifically when carrying out technical SEO work.

"Our mission to help small agencies and consultants do amazing technical SEO work, at scale, using desktop software."

We have always embraced the amazing, supportive community that fits around the world of SEO, and this is our contribution to it – software to help you do your job better.

Core Values

These values reflect our nature, our attitudes and our ambitions.

  • Friendly & Supportive – we will always help if we can.
  • Respectful – we treat others how we want to be treated.
  • Pride in our work – we want to be proud of everything we produce.
  • Hard work and continuous self-improvement – we challenge ourselves to constantly learn and develop.


Sitebulb is a product developed by Polychrome Ltd, whose details are as below.

Registered Address:

Polychrome Ltd, Hill View, Bell Lane, Biddenden,
Kent TN27 8LD

Company Registration Number: 09033768

If you require these details in PDF letterheaded format, please download using this link.


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