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As a freelance SEO you regularly need to punch above your weight, and provide outsized value for the (remarkably reasonable!) rates you charge your clients.

Sitebulb is your secret weapon, providing the power and flexibility you need to easily beat big agencies in terms of value, allowing you to do more with less resources, and ultimately, win and keep clients for the long haul.

And since Sitebulb is SO ludicrously cost effective, you can even get your clients to sign up for their own subscription, without attaching another cost burden to your retainer.

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No Project Limits

No Project Limits

Crawl every client site (and no juggling projects!)

Project limits are the single most annoying thing about cloud-based crawlers. Juggling your projects so you can take on new freelance clients without losing the audit history of existing clients is time consuming, risky and (frankly) annoying.

Sitebulb does not operate with project limits OR crawl credits. You can crawl as many sites as you are physically able to, as many times as you need to. Keep your existing client data for as long as your want to, and keep adding more new or prospective clients without giving a second thought to arbitrary projects limits.

Eli Schwartz

Eli Schwartz

SEO Consultant

The first thing I do anytime I start working on a new SEO project is run a Sitebulb crawl. This is one of the most indispensable tools in my toolbox!

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Smart Priorization

Stop wasting time in spreadsheets

Time is money, people! And you don’t have time to waste digging through endless spreadsheets trying to make sense of the data.

Luckily, with Sitebulb, you don’t have to. After every audit has completed, Sitebulb will pick out all the important issues and present them in clear priority order.

Sitebulb helps you hone in on the real problems straightaway, helping you understand where to focus your time on multiple different levels.

Smart Priorization
Easy Report Building

Easy Report Building

Save time writing audit reports

Sometimes, you just need to get in, get the report done, then get out. You don’t have time to create totally bespoke, highly detailed audits, that will take you days to put together and hours to explain to your client.

Sitebulb gives you data in a way that makes reporting easy, however much time you want to put into the process. From single button ‘build PDF’ reports, to client-friendly issue descriptions that can be copy/pasted into Word docs, to automatically linked Google Sheets exports that tie all your data together – Sitebulb’s reporting options work with you, not against you.

Aleyda Solis

Aleyda Solis


A fantastic desktop based SEO audit tool, that makes your SEO analysis so much easier, with actionable, well segmented reports and insights.

In-built Education

Your own support network

Working on your own is difficult. You don’t have the support and experience of colleagues or bosses to lean on. But you do have Sitebulb. We dumped our brains, and our combined decades of SEO experience, into the tool, the in-situ tooltips and the help content on the website.

Sitebulb has education baked-in – every single issue the tool identifies is accompanied by an in-depth explanation of what it means, why it’s considered an issue, and the actions you need to take.

And if you’re really stuck, our friendly support team is just an email away, and always happy to help.

In-built Education
Sexy Data

Sexy Data

Turbo charge your client reports

If you see some data in Sitebulb, you can export it. Pretty much anything. Into a CSV for those die-hard Excel lovers, or up into the collaborative nirvana of Google Sheets.

With Sitebulb’s Looker Studio integration, you can step up your game even further, and very quickly build all-singing, all-dancing ‘business intelligence’ dashboards to enhance the perception of your reports and add that extra professional touch.

Beyond SEO

Offer other website services

Finding new clients is hard. But what if you can get more work from the same clients, and make yourself genuinely indispensable on a range of fronts?

Sitebulb goes way beyond just SEO, allowing you to audit things like accessibility, security, performance… and even spellings!

Not only that, but Sitebulb includes sophisticated content scraper and content search features, for those ‘other’ tasks your clients may need help with (ahem* competitor price scraping *ahem).

Beyond SEO

There's a version of Sitebulb for everyone!

No project limits. No crawl credits. We save you time and we save you money.

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