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An accessibility audit tool to help make your website awesome for everyone

Conduct a website accessibility audit to identify violations and highlight opportunities to improve.

Anthony Lavall

Anthony Lavall

Lavall Marketing

The latest iteration of Sitebulb has further confirmed my opinion that Sitebulb is the best audit and crawling tool for SEO consultants on the market. Not only have they written an entire library of insights based on the checks performed by their crawler but it is sleeker and runs faster now with an updated UX.

Make your website more inclusive and accessible

Powered by Deque's axe library, Sitebulb can run over 95 automated accessibility checks, as it crawls, across your entire website. Sitebulb's accessibility audit report allows you to identify your worst performing URLs and the most common violations across the site, so you get a very clear picture of how accessible your site is.

axe logo

Each of the 35+ Hints is also linked up to the Deque University axe user guide, which explains what each rule is testing, and how to resolve them. By improving your website accessibility over time, you will make it more inclusive, more accessible for people with disabilities, and more user-friendly for everyone.

95+ Accessibility checks

Sitebulb will automatically test every crawled page against over 95 best practice accessibility checks, in line with the axe engine for automated accessibility testing.

The Hints show you change history over time, and allow you to view the affected URLs within Sitebulb's user interface, or export to spreadsheet.

Accessibility Hints

Each Hint contains a more detailed description, and links through to the corresponding axe documentation on Deque University, so you can jump straight from 'problem' to 'resolution' in a couple of clicks.

axe documentation example

Inspect accessibility violations for each URL

For any Hint you can click through to a full list of URLs affected in a URL List, where you can also sort and filter to further your refine your list.

URLs with accessibility issues

You can pick out any URL and Sitebulb will build the DOM for you and highlight the violations, so you can inspect them directly without leaving the software.

Accessibility violations per URL

This allows you to easily pick out the affected elements and understand each issue within the context of the specific URL you are looking at.

Highlight violation in DOM

Sitebulb Desktop

Find, fix and communicate technical issues with easy visuals, in-depth insights, & prioritized recommendations across 300+ SEO issues.

  • Ideal for SEO professionals, consultants & marketing agencies.

Sitebulb Cloud

Get all the capability of Sitebulb Desktop, accessible via your web browser. Crawl at scale without project, crawl credit, or machine limits.

  • Perfect for collaboration, remote teams & extreme scale.