Code coverage analysis for every JavaScript & CSS file on your website

Conduct a code coverage audit across your whole site, to identify dead or unused code.

Ade Lewis

Ade Lewis

SEO Consultant

Sitebulb has instantly become our go-to solution for crawling and auditing sites. It has saved our Digital Marketing team a huge amount of time switching between other tools and merging data. It is also perfect for our development team to quickly and easily test the integrity of their work.

Improve performance with cleaner code

Sitebulb’s Code Coverage report will tell you where CSS and JavaScript code is being loaded in but not being used. It will do this for every page on the website, so you end up with a really clear view of 'dead code.' Cleaning this up so you only include the code you need will allow you to reduce the size of your pages and improve load time.

CSS and JS coverage across the whole site

The Code Coverage report will identify all those plugins or Bootstrap files that load on every page but are only executed on one or two.

Code Coverage by file

It will also pick out the unused lines of code from each CSS and JavaScript file.

Wasted JavaScript

Get your website 'launch-ready'

Whether you are working on a website redesign or a brand new launch, you want your website to be as clean and fast as possible. The Code Coverage report will identify code left over from previous site versions, or code duplicated elsewhere during development, or code written specifically for that feature the client insisted upon but eventually didn’t like (that you sagely advised against all along).

Quickly jump to a full list of URLs that reference each resource, so you can dig deeper into the data and make clean-up straightforward.

Code Coverage URL List

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