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Sitebulb is like a secret weapon for digital agency owners, giving your team everything they need to audit client sites efficiently and effectively. They’ll also actually learn technical SEO as they use the tool. Win win!

The software has been designed specifically for producing website audits. You know those reports you deliver at the start of every single client engagement? Well, Sitebulb will help make your audits more comprehensive, easier to understand, and you’ll even save time writing them.

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No crawl credits

No crawl credits

Crawl every client site (as many times as you want)

Crawl credits are one of most annoying limitations of cloud-based crawlers. Since every URL you crawl is a credit you consume, you have to be really careful not to burn through your credits. Think of those unexpected crawl issues like endless faceted nav links which explode your crawl… and cost a ton of credits in the process.

Sitebulb does not operate with crawl credits OR project limits (yes, even on our Sitebulb Server product). You can crawl as many sites as you are physically able to, as many times as you need to. And of course, there’s no extra ‘surcharge’ for crawling with JavaScript.

Scott Zimmerman

Scott Zimmerman

Walker Sands

Without the analysis provided by Sitebulb, getting to the bottom of the problem would have taken much longer, and reversing the issue quickly was key to getting organic business results back on track.

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Recurring Audits

Crawl on autopilot every day/week/month

Regular auditing is how you stay on top of client website changes as they roll out implementations from your recommendations (or not, as the case may be…).

Sitebulb allows you to set up recurring crawl schedules so you don’t even need to think about running the audits, it will just do it in the background so that the data is ready for when you need it next.

Client’s developers won’t let you crawl their ecommerce site during peak hours? No problem, just schedule your audits to run while all their customers are asleep.

Recurring Audits
Smart Prioritizations

Smart Prioritizations

Easily spot the most important issues

Prioritization is the key factor in making your website audit workflow an efficient process.

Sitebulb fits perfectly into this workflow, helping you understand where to focus your time on multiple different levels.

Instead of wasting time digging through data in spreadsheets, Sitebulb will help you hone in on the problem straightaway, so you can spend your time trying to understand it.

Andrew Girdwood

Andrew Girdwood


Sitebulb's dashboard dials are easy to screen grab and then pop into a presentation or email and show clients. I'm also a fan of the comprehensive export functionality, which lets us use Sitebulb to discover pages to look at and then do a deep dive on them, inspecting by hand, writing up business cases or dropping into JIRA to share with our developers.

In-built training

Upskill your team as they work

Sitebulb has education baked-in – every single issue the tool identifies is accompanied by an in-depth explanation of what it means, why it’s considered an issue, and the actions you need to take.

This means that your team will be finding issues they didn’t even know existed and learning why they are important at the same time.

This educational content allows them to quickly jump from awareness to understanding of an issue, helping them get to a position where they can give confident recommendations to clients and have meaningful conversations with developers.

In-built training
Actionable Reporting

Actionable Reporting

Help your recommendations get implemented

If there’s one thing that annoys SEO consultants, it’s spending ages putting together a detailed set of recommendations, only for the clients to completely ignore them month after month.

This is why we’ve built Sitebulb to help facilitate client buy-in, with efficient workflows that allow your team to quickly and easily build reports that automatically link off to the URL lists that are needed by the development team.

Intuitive visualisations like our award-winning crawl maps enable your SEO consultants to demonstrate the complexities of site structure to their clients, so they can truly understand the depth of the problem.

Data Everywhere

Build your own intelligence dashboards

If you see some data in Sitebulb, you can export it. Pretty much anything. Into a CSV for those die-hard Excel lovers, or up into the collaborative nirvana of Google Sheets.

This can be single audit data for one-off audits, or ‘change over time data’ that can be used to power your own dashboards in Looker Studio.

With a bit of legwork at the beginning, you can set up your own business intelligence dashboards that automatically update with the latest crawl data, giving you a birds-eye view of all your clients sites at once.

Data Everywhere

There's a version of Sitebulb for everyone!

No project limits. No crawl credits. We save you time and we save you money.

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