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Render JavaScript just like Googlebot with our JavaScript crawler

Sitebulb uses an Evergreen Chromium rendering engine, just like Google. So you can view each page as Googlebot does.

Mats Hartvig Abrahamsen

Mats Hartvig Abrahamsen


When creating an enterprise website builder, we have to be on top of our SEO game at all times. Sitebulb is the only crawler I've found that meets my high requirements. It lets me crawl with the latest and greatest evergreen Googlebot, creating peace of mind that I see our site as Google does.

Rendering = seeing the complete picture

Crawling is changing. Google are no longer just grabbing the HTML content and indexing that, they are now also rendering the page content and executing JavaScript, then updating the index with new data. In order to understand the complete picture, you need to be able to crawl and render every page on your website.

Sitebulb's advanced Chrome Crawler lets you do exactly that - every user can access the Chrome Crawler, for no additional cost.

2 phase indexing

See through Google's eyes

In May 2019, Google revolutionized how they render web pages, announcing they would now use the latest stable version of Chromium, and keep it up to date (as an 'evergreen Googlebot crawler'). Sitebulb follows their lead, regularly updating as soon as a new stable Chromium version is released. This means you can make informed decisions based on the most reliable data in the market.

Here is how Google describe what it means:

Evergreen Chromium

Unlock unique reports and data

By using Chromium to render web pages, Sitebulb can also collect tons of data available through Chrome, in order to build a range of unique reports:

  • Page Speed, Mobile Friendly & Front-end
  • Code Coverage
  • Accessibility

It can also collect datapoints at scale that are simply inaccessible to other tools, such as user-centric performance metrics like Time to Interactive and First Meaningful Paint.

Unique PageSpeed metrics

Crawl ANY website

For many years, website crawling software has been inadequate, failing to keep up with the constantly evolving web development world, caused by the proliferation of websites built using JavaScript frameworks, such as:

  • AngularJS
  • React
  • Meteor
  • Vue
  • Ember
  • Backbone

If your website was built using one of these frameworks, the crawlers literally could not crawl the site at all.

With Sitebulb, if a website is accessible in your browser, Sitebulb will be able to crawl it. By default, this is not the case with most wesbite auditing tools - either you have to pay for expensive add-ons in order to do it... or they simply can't do it at all.

Sitebulb Desktop

Find, fix and communicate technical issues with easy visuals, in-depth insights, & prioritized recommendations across 300+ SEO issues.

  • Ideal for SEO professionals, consultants & marketing agencies.

Sitebulb Cloud

Get all the capability of Sitebulb Desktop, accessible via your web browser. Crawl at scale without project, crawl credit, or machine limits.

  • Perfect for collaboration, remote teams & extreme scale.