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Publishers have the unique challenge of dealing with both loads of website properties AND really big websites. Not only how to physically crawl all this content – but also how to isolate the important issues to focus on what matters.

Sitebulb gives you all of this and more, allowing you to crawl every site in your portfolio – and at extreme scale – but also providing a top-level view of everything that’s changed, so you know where to spend your time and energy.

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No Project Limits

No Project Limits

Crawl your entire portfolio

Project limits are the single most annoying limitation about cloud-based crawlers. You either need to constantly juggle your projects around or select to only crawl the most important websites.

This means that some of the websites in your portfolio simply get ignored.

Sitebulb does not operate with project limits OR crawl credits. You can crawl as many sites as you are physically able to, as many times as you need to – no need to pick and choose.

Barry Adams

Barry Adams

Polemic Digital

I work primarily with news publishers, and since I started with Sitebulb Server it has made my auditing process easier and more cost effective. No matter how many crawls I need, my monthly costs are the same - I don't have to top up credits when I run out on large site crawls. Fixed monthly costs for unlimited crawling. All the advantages of SaaS crawlers with none of the drawbacks.

Auditing at scale

Crawl large publishing sites with ease

Publishing sites can be BIG, with new content being created all the time.  Sitebulb is designed to cope with this sort of scale - both in the crawl capability and the intuitive reporting interface – instead of sifting through hundreds of thousands of rows of spreadsheet data, Sitebulb just picks out the issues for you and presents a list of prioritized recommendations.

Unlike other desktop crawlers, Sitebulb writes data to disk as it crawls, meaning you don’t get the classic ‘sorry you’ve run out of RAM’ scenario stopping you in your tracks.

Auditing at scale
Recurring Audits

Recurring Audits

Crawl on autopilot every day/week/month

When new content is constantly being added, it can be difficult to stay on top of what has changed and what knock-on effects it may have caused. Regular, scheduled recurring audits is the solution.

Sitebulb allows you to set up recurring crawl schedules so you don’t even need to think about running the audits, it will just do it in the background so that the data is ready for when you need it next.

And when the developers won’t let you crawl the website site during peak hours? No problem, just schedule your audits to run while all your customers are asleep.

Daniel Smullen

Daniel Smullen

SEO Consultant

There are huge amount of SEO tools out there, but If you are serious about SEO and in particular Technical SEO, Sitebulb is a must-have. Especially when working on large publishing websites. Using Sitebulb on a cloud seerver has been a game-changer. It has allowed me to have a web-based crawler at a fraction of the cost. The user interface is one of the best, but what's even better is the customer support. Sitebulb is a tool I simply could not work without and could not recommend it higher.

Change History

Stay on top of content changes

There’s no point in crawling your entire website portfolio every week if you can’t easily see what’s actually changed.

Sitebulb’s in-built historical trends show you what’s changed at a glance, so you can spend your time figuring out if these are the changes you wanted to see!

To dig in beyond the trends themselves, Sitebulb also has a complete Audit Comparison feature, which allows you to compare changes between two audits for every metric that Sitebulb collects.

Change History
Data Everywhere

Data Everywhere

Build your own intelligence dashboards

With an entire website portfolio to stay on top of, you can’t explore every single issue for every site each time an audit completes.

With Sitebulb’s Looker Studio integration, you don’t have to. Build your own top-level dashboard for a bird’s-eye view, with change-over-time data that updates automatically.

This allows you to stay on top of your whole portfolio of sites at all times, and only jump in for further investigation when you spot an issue.

Smart Prioritization

Focus on issues that matter

Time is money, people! And you don’t have time to waste digging through endless spreadsheets trying to make sense of audit data.

Luckily, with Sitebulb, you don’t have to. After every audit has completed, Sitebulb will pick out all the important issues and present them in clear priority order.

Sitebulb helps you hone in on the real problems straightaway, helping you understand where to focus your time on multiple different levels.

Smart Prioritization

There's a version of Sitebulb for everyone!

No project limits. No crawl credits. We save you time and we save you money.

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