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Articles by Jojo Furnival

Jojo is Marketing Manager at Sitebulb. Jojo has 15 years of experience in content and SEO, with 10 years of those agency-side. When Jojo isn’t wrestling with content, you can find her trudging through fields with her King Charles Cavalier.

Webinar Recording: Agency Efficiency, Growth & Quality

Published 06 June 2024

Jeff Russell, Sabiha Shakil, Chris Simmance and Charlie Whitworth join us to discuss the biggest challenges for digital agencies in 2024.

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Webinar Recording: SEO for News & Publishing Brands

Barry Adams, Jessie Willms, Emina Demiri & Caitlin Hathaway join us to discuss SEO tactics for news websites and publishers.

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Webinar Recording: Real-World JavaScript SEO Problems

Aleyda Solis, Sam Torres & Arnout Hellemans join us to discuss the real-world SEO issues that arise from client-side JavaScript rendering. Must-watch!

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Key Learnings from Women in Tech SEO Fest 2024

7 things Jojo Furnival learned from attending WTSFest London 2024, spanning accessibility, tech SEO, AI, search behaviour & more.

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