Cloud crawling without project limits or crawl credits

A fully managed server for your own dedicated cloud crawler

Small Server

12 threads for crawling, 32GB RAM and 480GB SSD disk space.

Medium Server

16 threads for crawling, 64GB RAM and 960GB SSD disk space.

Large Server

24 threads for crawling, 128GB RAM and 960GB SSD disk space.

Custom Server

Bespoke server build based on your specific crawling needs.





2 Free Sitebulb Pro desktop licenses

5 Free Sitebulb Pro desktop licenses

8 Free Sitebulb Pro desktop licenses

Unlimited Sitebulb Pro licenses

Best for consultants or small teams:

  • 1-2 users
  • Up to 15 projects
  • Up to 500,000 URLs per site
  • Up to 1 million total URLs/mo

Best for mid-size teams:

  • 3-5 users
  • Up to 30 projects
  • Up to 1 million URLs per site
  • Up to 2 million total URLs/mo

Best for large teams:

  • 6-8 users
  • Up to 45 projects
  • Up to 2 million URLs per site
  • Up to 3 million total URLs/mo

Best for enterprise or large teams:

  • 8+ users
  • 45+ projects
  • 2+ million URLs per site
  • 3+ million total URLs/mo

If you are unsure which server is suitable for you, please click here to use our wizard, which will give you some guidance and help you choose.

Benefits of Sitebulb Cloud vs Desktop

Easily switch between your desktop and your cloud server, and crawl on both at the same time! You get a cloud crawler AND a desktop crawler.

A central location where all your audits can run and every team member can access the same data in real time.

Crawl as much as you want, whenever you want, and with no strain on your local machine - Sitebulb will keep crawling on your cloud server even when your laptop is off.

Connect directly to your cloud server from anywhere and view audit data on your own laptop, wherever you are.

Set up scheduled audits to run every week or month, so audit data is ready exactly when you need it.

As standard for no extra cost

JavaScript Crawling

Crawl and render any web page without incurring extra costs.

Concurrent crawling

Crawl multiple websites at the same time, to get your work done quicker.

Unlimited read-only users

Share read-only access to your server audits with colleagues or clients

Why are there limits in your pricing table? I thought you said there are no project limits!?

When you sign up for Sitebulb Cloud Server subscription, part of what you are paying for is a dedicated server, which has a finite set of resources available – as listed at the top of the pricing table for each different tier. This means there are natural limitations to the machine itself, and the thing we are trying to communicate with the ‘best for’ checkmarks is suitability. On the Small Server, you can add as many projects as you wish – literally hundreds if you like – but if your crawling requirement is this high, you would be better suited to a more powerful server with more resources available.

So to clarify, there is no actual limit to the amount of projects you can add, and there is also no 'crawl credit' system like you get with all other cloud crawler products. But there are natural limitations to the amount you can squeeze out of each cloud server.

How many Pro licenses do I need?

As part of your Sitebulb Cloud Server subscription, you also get a number of Sitebulb Pro licenses, which enable you to run Sitebulb locally on your desktop/laptop - so you can still use your local machine for crawling in addition to any audits you set up on the cloud server.

Any user with a Pro or Lite license can connect to the cloud server in order to set up new audits or edit existing audits. With Sitebulb Server, you can invite as many users as you want to have free, read-only access to audit data on your cloud server. Read-only users do not have access to create or edit projects, but they can freely view or export data on audits that have already been run.

So, in order to determine how many Pro licenses you need, this should be equal to the number of users who need to be able to create/run audits - either on their local machine or on the cloud server.