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JetOctopus alternative:
Comparing Sitebulb Cloud vs JetOctopus

Our product comparisons pit the best of the best in SEO cloud crawlers against each other to see, feature for feature, which comes out on top. Here we will be looking at Sitebulb Cloud compared to JetOctopus, weighing up the pros and cons of each product and giving you a clear picture of which is the right one for you.

Sitebulb vs JetOctopus

Not all cloud crawlers are made equal

What makes a crawler right for you depends on your individual working style. So with the information we're going to provide, hopefully we can make that choice a bit easier. We could cut to the chase and big up Sitebulb straight away because we know we’re the best at what we do - but no, we’ll play fair...

If you do want to cut to the chase though, you can find out more about Sitebulb Cloud here.



JetOctopus Reviews

Sitebulb Cloud Overview

Launched in 2017, Sitebulb has risen to the challenge of the competitive crawlers market. We want to provide the best solutions to the problems plaguing every level of SEO, and we don’t think these solutions should cost the earth. With us, you can expect in-depth audits and intuitive problem-solving. According to software review site Capterra, Sitebulb is worth a rating of 4.9 out of 5.

JetOctopus Overview

JetOctopus is known for being one of the fastest crawlers around. Similarly to Sitebulb, they don’t exercise project or crawl limits, and they publish their prices in the form of an easily read sliding scale. Not as broadly tried and tested as some of the products we’re compared to, but still a worthy competitor, JetOctopus’ Capterra rating matches Sitebulb’s with 4.9 out of 5.

You’d fit right in with this crowd:

Sitebulb Cloud vs JetOctopus

Feature Sitebulb JetOctopus
On-page SEO analysis tick tick
Internal link analysis tick tick
Google Analytics Integration  tick tick
 Looker Studio Connector  tick   tick
 Site Visualizations/Crawl Maps  tick  cross
 Performance auditing  tick  cross
 Content search  tick  cross
 No project limits  tick  cross
 JavaScript crawling inc. for free  tick  cross

Success with Sitebulb Cloud

Jon Clark
“The most impactful change that Sitebulb Cloud provided was the ability for everyone to work from the same crawl data. In addition to this, the speed at which crawls are completed, combined with the ability to schedule crawls at regular intervals, has allowed us to be more productive AND establish a more consistent process internally.”

Why is Sitebulb a great alternative to JetOctopus?


JetOctopus is definitely on the cheaper end of the scale when it comes to website auditing tools, and their pricing is displayed transparently. However, when it comes to the inclusion of JavaScript crawling, the price of their service essentially doubles. You also have to pay more to add additional Google Analytics and Google Search Console properties - which is the equivalent of charging every time you want to add a new client.

Sitebulb includes JavaScript crawling as a matter of course, and doesn’t charge for additional GA and GSC properties - and of course with no project limits whatsoever. This, coupled with the fact that the majority of our plans just about beat JetOctopus’ in terms of price, means that Sitebulb comes out on top.

Crawl Comparison

JetOctopus claims to be able to crawl 200 pages per second (or a 50,000-page website in roughly 5 minutes), which is pretty fast. And, as with all cloud-based crawlers, it doesn’t need to clog up your computer’s memory to do so. The only downside we can find is that multiple reviews mention JetOctopus giving them inaccurate recommendations and false alerts with the data provided.

Whilst Sitebulb Cloud can also boast speeds in the range of 200 URLs/second, this is way too fast for most websites to handle anyway, and is often a far cry from 'crawling responsibly', so we typically find we have to slow the crawler down, not speed it up. Either way, if speed is what you are after, Sitebulb can run with the best.

Both Sitebulb Desktop and Sitebulb Cloud are impressive crawlers with the same intuitive interface, and together they provide the full range of working styles to fit any kind of SEO manager or enterprise. This is why we include Sitebulb Desktop with purchases of Sitebulb Cloud - to give ultimate flexibility for all kinds of crawls.

Target Audience

There is a definite crossover in JetOctopus and Sitebulb’s audiences - SEO experts across all levels can make use of both of them with ease. However, Sitebulb has slightly more reach than JetOctopus, and currently has a much larger user base - this makes them more appealing to larger enterprises who want a product that has been well and truly battle-tested.

Reviews and Ratings

When it comes to public ratings on software review site G2, Sitebulb leads the way with 4.5 out of 5 stars to JetOctopus’ 4.3. JetOctopus is praised for being fast, friendly, and easy to use, despite the occasional minor bug. Sitebulb’s review compliments our comprehensive analysis and easily customisable reports. In general, both products are favourably reviewed.

Service Support

If you opt for a trial of JetOctopus you gain access to a helpful online support chat. The nice thing about this is that it doesn’t end when the trial does. They also offer personalised demo calls ‘at any time’, and claim to address complicated requests within 24 hours.

Sitebulb's support is lauded as some of the best in the industry, with swift and empathetic responses, and a willingness to go above and beyond to help. If you encounter a problem, the best way to get in touch with the experts at Sitebulb is by email, preferably armed with screenshots, screencasts, and a little extra detail so we can get stuck in on finding a solution.

Here’s why Sitebulb is the best cloud crawler

We have good reason to call ourselves the best - and we’ve mentioned a lot of them in this comparison. But what matters more than what we think is what our customers think - and, on the whole, they’re very, very happy. That means we’ve got to be doing something right. Right? Plus, if you're new to Sitebulb, you can give it a 14-day free test drive, which will give you a flavour of what to expect with Cloud. 

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