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On Page is one of the most fundamental facets of SEO, and is basically considered table stakes - you need to be getting the basics right if you expect to compete in competitive spaces.

Most modern CMS platforms allow you to control and adjust all the major On Page SEO elements, so making fixes or amendments is achievable for SEOs of basically any level. Beyond this, there are certain considerations with the HTML itself, which are by their nature more technical, but can have a big impact on the ability of search engines to extract content accurately (which can have a knock on effect in terms of indexing or ranking).

As such, Sitebulb's On Page Hints are split into 'SEO' and 'HTML';

SEO Hints

Sitebulb's On Page SEO Hints highlight potential issues and optimization opportunities for the fundamental elements of the page <title>, the meta description and the <h1> tag.

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Images missing alt text

Alt text on images provides an opportunity to provide more context to search engines about the image content on the page. If alt text is missing, this represents a missed optimization opportunity, and triggers this Hint:

Issues with title tags

There are 6 Hints that relate to title tags:

  1. Title tag missing
  2. Title tag is empty
  3. Multiple title tags
  4. Title tag length too long
  5. Title tag length too short
  6. Time and meta description are the same

Issues with meta descriptions

There are 5 Hints that relate to meta descriptions:

  1. Meta description missing
  2. Meta description is empty
  3. Multiple meta descriptions
  4. Meta description length too long
  5. Meta description length too short

Issues with h1s

There are 5 Hints that relate to h1s:

HTML Hints

Sitebulb's On Page HTML Hints highlight potential issues in the HTML that may impact how search engines can parse and extract HTML data.

Click through to read more about HTML, or check out the HTML Hints below.

Breaking the head

There are 3 Hints that relate to breaking the <head>:

  1. <head> contains a <noscript> tag
  2. <head> contains a <noscript> tag, which includes an image
  3. <head> contains invalid HTML elements

Poorly formed HTML

There are 5 Hints that relate to poorly formed HTML:

  1. HTML is missing or empty
  2. URL contains a form with a GET method
  3. Base URL malformed or empty
  4. Multiple, mismatched base URLs
  5. Multiple base URLs

Google tracking codes

There are 4 Hints that relate to Google tracking codes:

  1. URL contains no Google Tag Manager code
  2. URL contains no Google Analytics code
  3. URL contains more than one Google Tag Manager code
  4. URL contains more than one Google Analytics code

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