The Internal Hints cover various issues in terms of URL paths and how URLs resolve, which can have an impact on both users and search engines.

Identifying systemic issues with internal URLs can help you better understand the website and what may be holding it back. Identifying patterns in the URL paths can also given you a better understanding of the site's underlying structure, and find areas to drill down into further.

The the types of things that Sitebulb will alert you to include:

  • Issues with URL resolution - ideally you want all pages to resolve with a status 200 page, using a canonical scheme (i.e. HTTP or HTTPS) - and when they don't, it is usually an issue worth fixing.
  • Potential issues with URL paths - if there are issues in the URL path, this can affect how search engines handle the URLs, and can cause issues with crawling and indexing.
  • Patterns in query strings - spotting patterns in the query string can allow you to segment sets of URLs on the site, for further analysis.

Internal URLs Issues

Only a handful of the Internal URLs Hints are actually Issues, which represent errors or problems that need to be fixed. They are additionally classified in terms of their importance - this should be taken into account when prioritizing implementation work, along with the number and type of URLs affected.

Importance: High

These Hints are very important, and definitely warrant attention.

Importance: Medium

These Hints are worth investigating further, and may warrant further attention depending on the type and quantity of URLs affected.

Importance: Low

These Hints are of the lowest significance, and should only be addressed if there aren't more serious issues which have not been handled.

Internal URLs Potential Issues

Hints marked 'Potential Issue' describe a situation that might be an issue, or might cause an issue. In the case of Internal URLs Hints, they typically highlight patterns which are worth investigating, as there may be an underlying issue there which needs exploring further.

Internal URLs Insights

Insights are neither issues nor opportunities, and often don't require any action at all - they are brought to your attention as they may provide a useful avenue of investigation.

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