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Low This Hint is of the lowest significance, and should only be addressed if there are not more serious issues which have not been handled. Issue This Hint represents an error or problem that needs to be fixed.

URL contains a double slash

This means that the URL in question contains a double slash in the path.

Why is this important?

A double slash in the URL path is valid and will respond in the browser, but is typically unwelcome, as this could cause duplicate content issues if the CMS delivers the same content on two URLs (i.e. single slash and double slash).

What does the Hint check?

This Hint will trigger for any internal URL which contains a double slash.

Examples that trigger this Hint

The Hint would trigger for any URL that contains a double slash anywhere in the path, for example;

A double slash after the domain:

A double slash after the directory:

A triple slash:

How do you resolve this issue?

If search engine crawlers find themselves crawling pages with double slashes, this could cause duplicate content issues and wasted crawl budget, so it is recommended that this issue is resolved.

URLs with a double slash in the path can be generated by content management systems, plugins or broken HTML, and are often caused by issues with relative linking and/or the base URL. You may require developer help to track down the origin of the issue and resolve it.

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