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Structured Data Change History Timeline

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June 2022

Clarification to Product documentation

Google updated their documentation for the Product rich result, to clarify that Product rich results are only supported for pages that focus on a single product - including product variants where each product variant has a distinct URL.

January 2022

Note added to documentation for Product rich result

Google added a small note to the structured data type definitions for Product, to clarify how to markup a Car:

"Currently Car is not supported automatically as a subtype of Product. So for now, you will need to include both Car and Product types if you would like to attach ratings to it and be eligible for the Search feature."

June 2021

Updated recommended property for Product rich result

When marking up Product data, as a recommended property you can include a nested Offer. One of the recommended properties for Offer is availability, which allows you to specify the current stock availability of the item. Google have now updated this property to allow BackOrder as an allowed value.


Updated recommended properties for Product rich result

Google added the recommended property of gtin (Global Trade Identification Number) as an applicable global identifier. The gtin property generalizes the earlier gtin8, gtin13 and gtin14 properties (which are also still supported by Google).

Separately, the documentation was also updated to clarify that isbn is only a valid property on Book.

January 2021

Price drop added as a potential enhancement for Product rich results

If you include a specific price (not a range) in your Product structured data, Google will now automatically calculate when a price has dropped (based on the running historical average of your product's pricing). In their example, Google show this as 'Price: $200 (typically $300)'.

Currently only available in the US, in English, on both desktop and mobile devices.

September 2020

Shipping details support added as a potential enhancement for Product rich results

You can now add shipping costs and estimated delivery timeframes, which can appear in the Overview and Stores tabs for a specific product result. Currently only available in the US, in English, and on mobile devices.

July 2020

Clarified that Product markup is only valid on specific product pages

Guidelines update to clarify that Product rich results are only supported for single product pages, rather than pages with a list of products (e.g. ecommerce category pages). Also made significant changes to the data type definitions, adding in Offer and AggregateOffer.

May 2020

Clarification on Product documentation regarding Google Shopping tab

Added a note to clarify that Product markup does not make your products eligible for Google Shopping results, you need to provide a feed through Google Merchant Center for that.

March 2020

New required properties for Product rich result

In the Product structured data documentation, clarified that one of the following properties is required: review, aggregateRating, offers. Changed the expected type for brand to be Brand or Organization (Thing is still accepted).

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