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Structured Data Change History Timeline

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January 2021

Job Training (beta) rich result currently not displaying

Job Training is currently in beta, and Google had previously stated that they were slowly rolling out coverage through the US.

The documentation has been changed to clarify that the appearance isn't available on Google Search right now - if you had previously seen Job Training results in Google Search, this will not be the case at the moment. They have not published a timeline for this to change.

May 2020

Updated property requirements for Job Training rich result

Updated the Job training developer documentation to require the occupationalCategory property, recommend the description property, and remove the requirement of the url property. Also updated the educationalProgramMode and financialAidEligible fields to have more precise value specifications.

April 2020

Clarification to Job Training documentation

Updated the Job training structured data documentation to require 2-letter country codes for provider addresses.

March 2020

Removed recommended property for Job Training rich result

In the Job training developer documentation, removed the hasCredential property from the list of recommended properties for EducationalOccupationalProgram. This is because hasCredential is only recommended for the Organization type on, not EducationalOccupationalProgram.

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