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Structured Data Change History Timeline

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November 2022

Recommendation for Review snippet rich result

Google updated the Review snippet structured data to recommend using dot separators for decimal ratings. If you're currently using comma separators for decimal ratings in your markup, you'll still be eligible for review snippets. They do however recommend that you update your markup for a more accurate interpretation.

October 2021

Modification to required property for Review snippet rich result

Google added a requirement that the field in Review snippets must be less than 100 characters to be eligible for use in Search features.

February 2021

Clarification to Review snippet documentation

Google updated the Review snippet rich results documentation, changing the itemReviewed property to 'One of the valid types', where the valid types are listed underneath.

Previously this value was 'Thing', with the caveat that only the listed types are valid, so functionally nothing has changed here. However it suggests Google were seeing invalid markup where users were reading 'Thing' and not reading the rest, so it serves as a reminder to ensure your Review snippet markup is valid.


September 2020

Clarification to Review snippet documentation

Clarified that bestRating and worstRating are recommended properties if you want to specify a different scale than the default 5-point system. Previously they had been listed as required properties, but they were only required if the rating system is not a 5-point scale (which led to confusion).

February 2020

Google Search Console now supports Review snippets

To help site owners make the most of their reviews, a new review snippet report is now available in Search Console for sites that have implemented reviews or ratings structured data.

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