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Structured Data Change History Timeline

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September 2022

Recommended property re-added for Fact Check rich result

Google re-added the itemReviewed.datePublished property. This is a recommended property that was apparently removed accidentally as part of the previous update to the Fact Check structured data documentation (September 9th 2022).


Recommended property removed for Fact Check rich result

Google removed datePublished as a recommended property from the Fact Check structured data documentation. Currently, date information isn't used in the Fact Check rich result.

July 2021

Removed support for multiple Fact Checks per page

Previously, Google stated on their Fact Check documentation that a single page could host multiple ClaimReview elements, each for a separate claim. This has completely changed, however, and the documentation now states that each page can only be eligible for a single Fact Check rich result, and that the page must only have one ClaimReview element.

September 2020

Updated eligibility guidelines for Fact Check rich result

Updated the eligibility guidelines required to enable the Fact Check Rich Result, which now includes all relevant guidelines in one place (previously some of them were only mentioned in the Publisher Center article about fact-checked content).

Some new guidelines were also added:

  • You must have a corrections policy or have a mechanism for users to report errors.
  • Websites for political entities (such as campaigns, parties, or elected officials) aren't eligible for this feature.
  • You must clearly attribute the specific claim that you're assessing to a distinct second-party origin, whether it's a website, public statement, social media, or other traceable source.
July 2020

Clarification that multiple fact checks may not display in rich results

Google added a disclaimer to the Fact Check documentation to clarify that they are 'exploring ways to surface multiple fact checks. You may not see a rich result that features multiple fact checks in Google Search right away.'

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