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Structured Data Change History Timeline

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January 2022

Modified recommended property guidance for Recipe rich result

Google updated their documentation for the Recipe search feature, changing the descriptions for three recommended properties: cookTime, prepTime and totalTime.

In the descriptions for these properties, this sentence has been removed: 'You can use min and max as child elements to specify a range of time.'

Currently, the only supported method is an exact time; time ranges aren't supported. If you're currently specifying a time range and you'd like Google to better understand your time values, they recommend updating that value in your structured data to a single value (for example, "cookTime": "PT30M").

May 2020

Rich Results Test now supports Guided Recipes

Guided Recipes are now supported in Search Console and in the Rich Results Test tool, which allows you to test and validate markup, and be alerted of validation errors.

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