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High This Hint is very important, and definitely warrants attention. Opportunity This Hint represents an opportunity for optimization.

Has only one followed internal linking URL

This means that the URL in question has only one single followed incoming link, from one other URL on the website.

Why is this important?

Internal linking is the main way you help users and search engine crawlers discover pages on your website. From an SEO perspective, internal links are the most effective method of indicating to search engines the relative importance of pages on your website.

URLs with only a single followed incoming link only inherit a small amount of link equity, which can make ranking very difficult.

What does the Hint check?

This Hint will trigger for any internal URL which has incoming internal followed links from only one URL. Note that it may have multiple links from that same one URL, and may also have nofollow links from other internal URLs.

Why is this Hint marked 'Opportunity'?

In Sitebulb, this Hint is an Opportunity, as it represents a situation where you could optimize the site to potentially gain more search traffic.

Depending on the URLs in question, you may be comfortable that they do not receive more incoming internal links.

However, you may also wish to consider taking some action on these pages. If they are important pages that 'deserve' to rank, then you may wish to point more internal links at them.

If, however, they are content you don't believe can rank (e.g. thin content), you may wish to consider making the URLs non-indexable.

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