Has one or more outgoing followed links with non descriptive anchor text

This means that the URL in question contains outgoing followed links to other internal URLs, which do not use descriptive anchor text (they instead have anchor text like 'click here', go', 'here', etc...).

Why is this important?

Internal linking is the main way you help users and search engine crawlers discover pages on your website. From an SEO perspective, internal links are the most effective method of indicating to search engines the relative importance of pages on your website.

It remains long-standing advice from Google to use descriptive anchor text, as it is "a useful signal to help search engines and users alike to better understand your content."

What does the Hint check?

This Hint will trigger for any internal URL which has outgoing internal followed links that use any of the following options as anchor text:

  • 'click here'
  • 'click this'
  • 'go'
  • 'here'
  • 'this'
  • 'start'
  • 'right here'
  • 'more'
  • 'learn more'
  • 'read more'

Please note that this Hint currently only checks the English words above, and so may not be applicable for content written in other languages.

Why is this Hint marked 'Advisory'?

In Sitebulb, this Hint is Advisory, as it does not represent a clear issue - you may be comfortable with the internal linking structure currently employed, and that adjusting existing links may not be necessary

However, you may also wish to consider taking some action on these pages. If these pages have lots of outgoing links with generic anchor text, it may be the case that it contains a menu or navigation element that could be optimized to improve the link signals for pages that it links to.

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