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How to build PDF reports

Sitebulb allows you to build PDF reports for any single report, or for all the reports all at once. With just a few button clicks, you can generate a highly professional and comprehensive PDF report, for a variety of different use cases.

Full Audit PDF Reports

You can build a PDF report of the entire audit, which enables you to quickly build a professional, formatted PDF report that encapsulates the audit for presentation. You hit the 'PDF Report' button in the top navigation bar.

Main PDF report

You can configure many aspects of that information that gets printed - from specifying the exact reports you wish to include, to whether you want to include charts and data tables. This gives you the freedom to produce exactly the audit report you want for your specific use case. 

Configure PDF report

Single PDF Reports

You can also build a report that only contains the data from a specific report in Sitebulb.

Navigate to a report, for example 'Links', and you are able to produce a PDF report which just contains links data, by clicking the Printable PDF button in the top right:

Print Links PDF Report

Again, you can customise which data will be shown on the report, so you can set up the reports exactly as you want them:

Customise reports

Use Cases

The flexibility of the PDF reporting in Sitebulb mean that you can generate different types of reports for different scenarios; as you can pick and choose exactly what you want to include for the specific situation:

  • Monthly client reporting
  • Prospecting - sending reports to potential clients then follow-up
  • Lead generation - allowing potential clients to sign up for a sample report
  • Sharing among internal teams