​Canonical outside of head

This means that the URL in question has a canonical element specified in the HTML, but outside of the <head>.

Why is this important?

If a canonical is specified outside of the <head>, it will be completely ignored by search engines. 

Ultimately this means that whatever you had hoped to accomplish with this rel=canonical will not come to fruition.

What does the Hint check?

This Hint will trigger for any internal URL which contains a canonical in the HTML, yet outside of the <head> area.

Examples that trigger this Hint:

Consider the URL: https://example.com/

The Hint would trigger for this URL if it had a canonical tag that was anywhere outside of the <head>, for example:

<!doctype html>
<html lang="en">
<link rel="canonical" href="https://example.com/" />

How do you resolve this issue?

If this Hint triggers, it indicates a configuration issue on the URL in question, which is likely due to an issue with a page template or plugin which is putting the canonical in the wrong place. The canonical tag will need to be removed from the <body> (and replaced in the <head>), so you may require developer assistance.

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