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How to understand the different types of graph

In total there are 6 visualisation options, which are based on 2 different ways to map the data, and 3 different visual styles.

2 different ways to map the data

  1. Crawl - maps out URLs based on where they were first discovered by the crawler.
  2. Directory - maps URLs based on the directory that a URL 'lives in', determined by its URL path.

3 different visual styles

  1. Map - the classic 'force-directed' design, which spreads out the nodes to fill the canvas.
  2. Tree - a hierarchical design, where content is displayed in levels, like the branches and leaves of a tree.
  3. Radial – like the tree map, but pushed into a radial design - so it still shows the hierarchy.

So we end up with 3 'Crawl' graphs: Crawl Map, Crawl Tree, Crawl Radial

And 3 'Directory' graphs: Directory Map, Directory Tree and Directory Radial

The core difference between Crawl and Directory is that the Crawl graphs are mapping actual link relationships that were found by the crawler, whereas the Directory graphs are simply showing the hierarchy of the folder structure, and the connecting lines don't represent links.

View examples and explanations from the left hand menu.