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Audit failed and no URLs were crawled

An issue can occur in Sitebulb which manifests when trying to start a new audit, and you end up seeing a message saying that Sitebulb was unable to crawl any URLs:

No URLs Crawled

This might be due to a site issue (e.g. server is blocking Sitebulb) but it also can be a problem with Sitebulb itself. The easy way to check this is if you try to run an audit on a totally different website, and get the same 'no URLs were crawled' error.

How to resolve this issue

Occasionally, Sitebulb, running on your local computer, can get out of sync with our licensing server, and the best way to solve this is to go full 'scorched earth':

  1. Sign out of Sitebulb (via the 'Your Account' page in the top right)

    Sign out of Sitebulb
  2. Close Sitebulb down completely, then uninstall it from your machine (your audit data will not be lost!)
  3. Once uninstalled, restart your machine (complete reboot)
  4. Download and install the latest Sitebulb version from here
  5. Sign back in with your Sitebulb account
  6. Start a brand new project and run an audit

This *should* resolve any lingering issues with syncing.

If you have tried this already and you are still experiencing the issue, please reach out to [email protected].