Articles by Geoff Kennedy

Geoff does marketing 'stuff' and other things at Sitebulb. He's been one of those SEO types for a long time now, so should know what he's talking about, but that's debatable, feel free to debate it some more.

Schema and Rich Results Resources

Published 09 April 2020Updated 02 February 2021

A collection the most useful resources on Schema, Google's Rich Results, and how to utilise them for SEO.

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Making the Business Case for Structured Data - Q&A

Published 28 October 2020

Q&A with special guests Lily Ray and Jono Alderson.

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Structured Data Implementation in the Real World - Q&A

Published 17 November 2020

Q&A with special guests Nic Ranger and Tony McCreath.

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A Practical Introduction to Structured Data for SEO

Published 02 December 2020Updated 02 February 2021

Ready to get started with structured data?

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Structured Data Problem Solving - Q&A

Published 18 December 2020

Q&A with special guests Aleyda Solis and Dave Ojeda.

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SEO Audits - What they are and how to get started

Published 10 February 2021

An overview of what SEO audits are, why they're important for SEO, and the time/costs involved.

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How to Approach Website SEO Audits

Published 26 March 2021

How to plan, structure, and carry out your audits to get the most value from them.

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Schema Markup Validator Bookmarklet

Published 10 May 2021Updated 22 November 2021

Quickly load any page into the Schema Markup Validator with one click.

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Core Web Vitals - Q&A

Published 10 June 2021Updated 24 June 2021

Q&A with special guests Arnout Hellemans and Billie Geena.

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Mobile/Desktop Parity - Q&A

Published 06 September 2021Updated 05 October 2021

Q&A Webinar livestream recording with guest experts Cindy Krum and Colt Sliva

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How SEOs and Agencies can become more Climate Positive

Published 01 October 2021

Practical steps you can take today for environmentally sustainable SEO and a greener future.

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