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Perform a website security audit to ensure user data is not at risk

Give your website visitors confidence that they can trust your website with their personal data.

Arron Richmond

Arron Richmond

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As an in-house digital marketer for a website under 1000 pages, Sitebulb does everything we'd need a crawler to do and more. Its interface is simple to use and the hints provided make spotting bigger issues easy. I've even used it to help our development team with web security - the value adds just keep coming.

Make sure your website is secure and trustworthy

Security is becoming one of the most important aspects of web development, as website owners and visitors alike need to feel confident that their personal data is safe. Sitebulb's thorough Security audit highlights all the major security vulnerabilities across every page on your website.

Where most security testing software only allows you to audit one page at a time, Sitebulb will perform security checks as it crawls the website, giving you a complete picture of your website security situation.

Identify data security threats 

Sitebulb's Security audit will highlight the most important security issues, such as vulnerabilities with forms that post user data, and mixed content issues (HTTPS pages that load HTTP resources).

Mixed Content

These security basics should be properly managed by all websites, as they also pose an issue with user trust, with browsers pushing back on websites are not secure.

Not Secure Message in Chrome

Advanced security testing

Beyond the basics, Sitebulb will also automatically test every crawled page against advanced web security checks.

For any Hint you can click through to a full list of URLs affected in a URL List, where you can also sort and filter to further your refine your list.

Advanced Security Checks

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