How to queue Audits

Sitebulb Desktop allows you to queue up a number of Audits, so they will run in succession as each one completes (pss... you can run concurrent audits with Sitebulb Cloud).

This allows you to get all your Audits set up and just leave Sitebulb to do it's stuff - perhaps overnight - so when can come back to your machine, everything is ready for you to get to work.

While you have an audit running, click New Project in the navigation bar or navigate to an existing project to start another audit. Your new audit will get queued up and start after your current audit has finished.

Queueing Audits

Since one Audit is already running, you'll see a message telling you that the audit has been queued. Your original Audit will be running, and this message will simply confirm that you've got another one queued up. You can keep on adding new Audits and they will continue to queue up in this manner.

In order to find any queued Audits you may have, from the Projects page navigate to the 'Queued Audits' tab in the top navigation.