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Automatically exporting to Google Sheets

You can optionally set Sitebulb to automatically export data into Google Sheets once and audit has finished running. This saves the manual legwork of doing it once an audit is complete, and enables you to build out some nifty automated systems in combination with scheduled audits and Google's Looker Studio (check out our Looker Studio guide here).

To automate uploading to Sheets, you must set this up at the project level (i.e. each project must be handled separately), which you can do when starting a new project or editing an existing project.

Once you are in the audit settings screen, click on the Sheets Exports option from the left hand menu.

Sheets option

Once you have enabled the option, you will then need to add a Google Sheets account to upload to.

Add Google Sheets account

If you already have Google Sheets accounts authenticated through Sitebulb, you can select one of these, otherwise you'll need to authorise permissions for a new account.

User Google Sheets account

Once this is done, all you need to do is select from the checkbox list which options you wish to be automatically uploaded.

Different export options

In a lot of cases, the first 4 options are most useful;

  • Historical Audit Data - A single worksheet containing top-level metrics, one row for each audit within the project. This is designed for building out time-series data or charts, and can power Looker Studio or your own automated reports (check out our Looker Studio guide here).
  • Historical Hint Data - A single worksheet containing aggregated hint metrics across the audit, one column for every hint, and one row for each audit within the project. This is designed to be ingested by your own data warehousing solution to build out highly customized reports.
  • Audit Summary - A tabbed sheet of all Hints and descriptions, showing their status, the number of URLs affected, and links to the corresponding 'Learn More' page on the website.
  • All Hints - A linked worksheet that contains all the triggered hints across the audit - along with the importance level and the number of URLs affected - hyperlinked across to the list of URLs for each hint in question.

Whichever options you choose, Sitebulb will automatically build the exports then upload them to your Google Sheets account, as soon as the audit has completed.

Once the audit is complete, you can navigate there directly from your Sitebulb audit by using the Google Drive dropdown in the top navigation.

Link to Historical Audit Data