Build your own custom reports with URL Explorers

Dig into your crawl data by building custom reports where you choose every data column, every filter, and every sort.

Sitebulb gives you a wealth of useful reports, but sometimes you just need (or want!) to dig into the data yourself. This is what URL Explorers were designed for – they allow you to choose exactly which columns you want to see, which filters should be applied, and how to sort the data. Drill down even further, or export the data into Excel – the choice is yours.


URL Explorers: Complete data manipulation

The URL Explorers are divided into 4 options; All URLs, Internal URLs, External URLs and Resource URLs. Each one allows you to manipulate the data collected by Sitebulb precisely as you choose.

Here are some of the things you can do with URL Explorers:

Select custom columns

Select only the columns you wish to see in your report. Add or remove multiple columns in one click.

Filter any column

Apply a filter condition to any column, and filter as many columns as you like.   

Export straight to Excel

Export directly into a formatted Excel spreadsheet (not annoying zip files!).

Write custom SQL queries

Prefer SQL? No problem, toggle the SQL editor and write your own queries.

Sitebulb launches Summer 2017

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