Build your own DIY enterprise web crawler

Sign up for the DIY Server license, to install Sitebulb Server on your own Windows server
and connect your Sitebulb desktop license.

DIY Server 1 User

$-- /MO

Billed annually

5 Million URLs per audit *
For teams that want a self-managed solution and already have desktop subscription:
  • Make use of existing hardware
  • OR buy and own the exact 'crawl server' you want
  • Full governance within your own network
  • Control and 'own' all audit data

* The maximum number of URLs will vary based on the specification of your server.

** To connect remotely to your Sitebulb Server, you will need a Lite or Pro desktop license.

Benefits of Sitebulb Server vs Desktop

A central location where all your audits can run and every team member can access the same data in real time.

Crawl as much as you want, whenever you want, and with no strain on your local machine - Sitebulb Server will keep crawling even when your laptop is off.

Connect directly to your server from anywhere and view audit data on your own laptop, wherever you are.

Set up scheduled audits to run every week or month, so audit data is ready exactly when you need it.

As standard for no extra cost

JavaScript Crawling

Crawl and render any web page without incurring extra costs.

Concurrent crawling

Crawl multiple websites at the same time, to get your work done quicker.

Unlimited read-only users

Share read-only access to your server audits with colleagues or clients