System settings

Sitebulb has a range of 'global settings' which act as the default settings for every new audit you start. From the top navigation menu, choose the 'Settings' option.

Access Global Settings

From here, the 'System Settings' tab allows you to control some specifics for how Sitebulb works at the system level. In order for saved changes to come into effect, you will need to restart the application.

There are only 2 options on this page:

  1. Disable GPU - Sitebulb can use your GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) for hardware acceleration, in order to help it process data more quickly. However, sometimes driver incompatibilities can cause this feature to misbehave and disabling it could make performance smoother.
  2. Google Chrome - If you have over-zealous anti-virus software on your machine, it may try to block Sitebulb from using Google Chrome. If this happens, you may need to install Chrome in a different location and 'point' Sitebulb to it, by using this setting. This is very seldom needed, and if you find yourself having to use it, please also reach out to us on so we can assist if necessary.

System Settings