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Screaming Frog alternative:
Comparing Sitebulb vs Screaming Frog

Comparing website crawlers isn’t always easy. Sometimes you just want to see a side-by-side comparison. This is exactly what we’ve tried to do with our product comparisons; we want you to get a full picture of the services on offer to you. So let’s weigh up Sitebulb features against Screaming Frog, plus third-party reviews, to see which is best for you. Or you may decide – as many customers do – to use both!

These companies chose Sitebulb - will you?

Sitebulb Cloud vs Screaming Frog

Feature Sitebulb Screaming Frog
On-page SEO analysis tick tick
Internal link analysis tick tick
Google Analytics Integration  tick tick
 Looker Studio Connector  tick   tick
 Site Visualizations/Crawl Maps  tick   tick
 Free JavaScript crawling  tick   tick
 User-friendly UI  tick  cross
 Cloud version  tick  cross
 Ability to scale  tick  cross
 Stakeholder-friendly issue explanations  tick  cross
 Performance auditing  tick  cross
 No project limits  tick  cross

Why is Sitebulb a superb alternative to Screaming Frog?

Workflow and Interface

What Screaming Frog reviewers complain about most on G2 and Capterra is the tool’s interface being outdated and not user-friendly. Screaming Frog’s audit workflow involves:

  • Looking at massive list of URLs, digging through data in tool and/or spreadsheet export
  • Trying to make sense of it, trying to spot the underlying pattern 
  • Trying to understand potential severity/impact
  • Realizing you need to investigate further
  • Return to the big list of URLs/spreadsheet

By contrast, one of the main things Sitebulb users love is its audit-friendly workflow and user-friendly interface

Once a crawl is started with Sitebulb, the tool begins the audit process for you, providing real-time feedback of issues it finds. Sitebulb then categorizes, prioritizes, and explains these issues, so you get an immediate sense of what needs doing to move the needle. This is the Sitebulb way:

  • Issues amalgamated and prioritized, so you can triage issues WITHOUT having to dig into data
  • Potential severity presented from the outset
  • Dig into a list of URLs and/or export only AFTER you’ve decided to investigate further

This upended workflow makes Sitebulb the perfect tool for experienced and beginner tech SEOs alike. 

"We’re big fans of Screaming Frog and we still use it now. a tool, it’s not very intuitive, and it takes a long time to learn all the things you can do with it and how to do those things.

“Sitebulb Hints and issue prioritization has helped us spot those obvious things that are holding back client performance quicker. This means we can get results for our clients quicker.”

Sophie Gibson, Tech SEO Director at StudioHawk


Another key difference between the two tools is that Screaming Frog is desktop only, with no cloud capabilities. This means it may not be a user’s first choice for crawling larger websites or working collaboratively. 

Sitebulb on the other hand does offer a cloud version, which makes it the only crawler on the market with both desktop and cloud capabilities. This means that, whatever stage you’re at in your SEO career, there’s a Sitebulb to suit. 

Now there’s no need to MacGyver a way to use your favourite desktop crawler in the cloud! We know SEOs love building their own solutions and it’s definitely doable (Screaming Frog even has a guide on how to do it) but it’s actually surprisingly expensive and slow. 

Sitebulb has done the heavy-lifting for you, offering a cloud version that is a fraction of the cost of traditional cloud crawlers and much more affordable than you might think.

“Sitebulb Cloud is a much cheaper and more flexible option than all of the other web based crawling tools.”

Charles Coxhead, Cross Border Digital 

Reviews and Ratings

With plenty of 5-star reviews on Capterra, Screaming Frog has a lot of fans. A UK-based SEO agency, their SEO Spider Tool is straightforward and the dashboard presents its technical SEO suggestions all in one place. 

It’s a great crawler that can be used alongside tools such as GA and Semrush for a more powerful audit, though some reviewers feel that the need to use multiple tools to get the complete list of features they need makes it less appealing. 

The main things Screaming Frog reviewers complain about on G2 are storage and functionality issues due to it being desktop only, and the UI needing refreshment and improvement. By contrast, these are some of the areas in which Sitebulb’s reviews really shine. 

"Sitebulb - Swiss Army knife for SEO audits"

What do you like best about Sitebulb?

Usability and functionality really impress me.

Jan 04, 2023

"A website crawler that offers immediately implementable insights and analysis of meaningful data."

What do you like best about Sitebulb?

The thing I've noticed is that it is very easy to use. This app has an excellent user experience that is very simple to be used for any user level, whether it is a novice or a beginner or an expert. I use this platform regularly to detect bugs or any issues on our client pages. And I have to say that the hint function is very incredible.

Dec 08, 2020

Screaming Frog vs Sitebulb: 2 true heavyweights

We like to think of the battle between Sitebulb vs Screaming Frog as a friendly one. We’ve known each other a long time and think we make each other better. We’ve tried to be as objective as possible in this comparison; the bottom line is that Sitebulb and Screaming Frog have different strengths, which is why so many SEOs end up using both tools.  

If you're new to Sitebulb, you can give it a 14-day free test drive, which will also give you a flavour of what to expect with Cloud.