Sitebulb's award-winning SEO software just got a massive upgrade Announcing Sitebulb v3.0:

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Audit scores for instant understanding

Audit scores for every report put your audit results into context for clients and management.

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Daniel Marina

Daniel Marina


Sitebulb was already one of the best crawlers ever, easy to understand and with a beautiful user interface, but now after the new improvements it is even one step ahead of its competitors. I love the new Overall Audit Score and the new customizable report!

Prioritized Hints

Importance scores for every Hint allow you to prioritize the most critical fixes first.

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Simon Cox

I can't live without Sitebulb because it gives me insights into website health in a way nothing else can. With the introduction of version 3 I am able to find issues and determine solutions a lot quicker than before. The weighted issue criticality really helps focus on improvements and prioritisation and the customisation allows me to tailor reports for different clients.

Evergreen Chromium

Sitebulb now uses the latest stable version of Chromium as its rendering engine, allowing you to see exactly what Google sees.

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Mats Hartvig Abrahamsen

Mats Hartvig Abrahamsen


When creating an enterprise website builder, we have to be on top of our SEO game at all times. Sitebulb is the only crawler I've found that meets my high requirements. It lets me crawl with the latest and greatest evergreen Googlebot, creating peace of mind that I see our site as Google does.

Flexible PDF reports

Print PDF reports for any section of your audit and choose which elements to include; perfect for sales, client or C-level reporting.

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Jessica Thomas

Jessica Thomas

Freelance SEO Consultant

Did I think there was room for yet another SEO tool that could change my life? Not until Sitebulb! Being able to easily export completely white-label PDFs and CSV reports for my clients for a fair price has saved me hours of work each week. Couldn’t be happier with this awesome crawling tool.

Change history

Dig into the change history for any metric to see what has changed since your last audit and demonstrate improvements graphically.

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Adam Brown

Adam Brown

Zazzle Media

We are now using Sitebulb across the team, it makes our lives much easier, for both experienced SEOs and people brand new to the industry! Being able to track the changes from a crawl to crawl is great and you can always count on quick support from the team!

Identify similar content

The next level of duplicate content analysis – pick out pages that have substantially similar content to flag for review.

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Karen Julia

Karen Julia

Photo SEO Lab

Sitebulb was already a favourite SEO tool that I use on every client project, I thought it had already reached peak-awesome, but I was wrong. The new layout in version 3 adds razor sharp clarity to the different features of this value packed software. The duplicate content report makes my site audits so much easier, and with Similar Content it provides a level of detail other tools fall short on.

Retry failed URLs

Recrawl 404s and server timeouts, without having to recrawl the entire site, perfect for data integrity and verifying page fixes.

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