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Conduct a complete performance audit on every single URL on your site, for both page speed and mobile rendering.

Richard Baxter

Richard Baxter


Sitebulb is a fantastic tool for weekly or monthly audits and keeping an eye on important performance issues on your site.

Benchmark page speed using meaningful metrics

First Meaningful Paint (FMP) is one of the more intuitive and useful performance metrics available, as it is user-centric. Defined to be 'when primary content appears on the page', FMP is essentially when it feels like the page has loaded (even if all the content has not yet been loaded in the background).

Utilizing its unique headless Chrome crawling environment, Sitebulb collects the Time to First Meaningful Paint for every URL, and also charts this data against web crawl depth, so you can see if certain page types (e.g. subcategory pages) or areas of the site (e.g. blog) are performing worse than others.

First Meangingful Paint

Time to First Byte (TTFB) is the amount of time it takes to receive the first byte of the web page from the server, and is considered a reasonable metric to gauge the performance of a website. To add an extra dimension to this data, Sitebulb also records the time taken to download all the HTML from the page.

Taken together, these metrics can give a good indication of the server performance, and can help identify latency issues.

TTFB and download time

Check 30+ industry-standard optimization tests, for every single URL on your site

Easily see where you are going wrong, with dozens of industry-standard rulesets, which are checked against every single URL on your website, and split into logical groups so you quickly spot the areas that need most attention.

Identify the common factors that are slowing down lots of pages, allowing you to prioritize your recommendations more effectively.

PageSpeed Hints

Ensure mobile rendering works smoothly

Sitebulb also checks the most important elements for mobile rendering, telling you exactly which URLs fall down on specific elements, so you can identify issues with ease.

Mobile rendering checks

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