Get a complete overview of all the pages on your site

Take a high level perspective on your internal pages – what type of content are they, and where do they sit within the overall site structure.

See every URL on your website

Sitebulb’s Internal URL report provides a more holistic view of how the site is put together. High level, structural indicators tell you how different content is distributed across the site, and intelligent hints warn of potential issues with URL structures. This report also does the simple things well, such as providing a straightforward way to access all the URLs from your website.

Understand the make-up of your website

Learn how your website is put together, in terms of the different types of web pages, and how they fit in the overall hierarchy of the website structure. Quickly spot potential issues, such as orphaned content or lots of disallowed pages.

Visualize the content type distribution across your site

Find out what different types of content are on your site, and if you have a lot of URLs which are not HTML pages (which could result in wasted PageRank).

Develop a clear overview

High level indicators such as protocol distribution and pagination URLs will give you a broad perspective as to how the site hangs together.

Sitebulb launches Summer 2017

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