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Core Web Vitals - Webinar Recording}

Core Web Vitals - Webinar Recording

Updated 24 June 2021

On the 23rd June, myself and Patrick were joined by special guests Arnout Hellemans and Billie Geena to talk about Core Web Vitals and what they actually mean for SEOs.

With all of Google's recent changes around Core Web Vitals, we certainly weren't short of questions, with plenty submitted beforehand as well as some great ones from the live chat.

If you missed us on the night, you can watch the full Q&A livestream recording here:

Thank you to everyone that submitted questions! We did our best to get through as many as we could (even if many of the answers did come back to 'it depends'). Here are the ones that we managed to get through:

  • Should CWV be part of a technical SEO audit? (or should it be a separate audit)
  • How often should you audit CWV?
  • What's been the most successful way to quantify the value of fixing CWV issue X when the dev queue is so long?
  • What are the most common CWV issues you've found / worked on?
  • What fixes have the biggest impact on CWV?
  • Any CWV quick wins?
  • What are the top 3 priorities when it comes to migration?
  • How can we future-proof some of these fixes we put in place so that they're not an issue again?
  • CWV are interesting proxy metrics, but can't measure everything. Do you use or like any other metrics to measure the user experience?
  • How do you account for the difference in # of pages reported in each CWV category between Search Console, vs Google Data Studio, vs PageSpeed API?
  • Hardest thing to fix in CWV - why, and have you fixed it?
  • Do you expect Google's stance on performance changing? And how?

Massive thanks to Billie and Arnout, and also Simon Cox for managing the live-chat! 

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Geoff Kennedy

Geoff is a digital marketing & SEO Consultant with over 15 years of experience working with clients around the globe. A long-time friend of Sitebulb, Geoff has even spent some time as part of the team, which clearly explains why he loves (or hates?) doing SEO audits.

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