Connect technical SEO with rankings and keyword data

Understand search performance alongside on-page and technical SEO indicators.

Ade Lewis

Ade Lewis

SEO Consultant

Sitebulb has instantly become our go-to solution for crawling and auditing sites. It has saved our Digital Marketing team a huge amount of time switching between other tools and merging data. It is also perfect for our development team to quickly and easily test the integrity of their work.

Map clicks to ranking data

Understand how clicks are distributed based on the ranking position, for the top 10 rankings.

Clicks by position

Distinguish between brand and non-brand performance

Enter simple brand variations to distinguish brand and non-brand traffic, and check ranking performance across desktop, mobile and tablet devices.

Brand keywords

Dig into keyword data

Use Sitebulb's intuitive data explorer to analyse keywords and build your own reports - add extra columns, filter and sort. This allows you to completely configure the list, and match keyword data with technical and on-page SEO data.

Keyword data

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