Front-end auditing is about understanding how the website code is optimized from a performance perspective. It goes hand-in-hand with Page Speed auditing, which is why both are selected with Sitebulb when you set up an audit.

Where Sitebulb's Page Speed Hints focus on optimization of the server, caching and the critical path, the Front-end Hints examine issues in the code itself, providing CSS & HTML validation and checking for JavaScript errors (and additionally collecting cookies).

Front-end is much more 'developer-led' than 'SEO-led', whereas Page Speed has tended to skirt the two, the Hints you will find in this section relate to performance improvements that can be gained by fixing HTML and CSS issues.

Front-end Issues

All bar one of the Front-end Hints are Issues (one Insight, at the bottom), which means they represent errors or problems that need to be fixed. They are additionally classified in terms of their importance - this should be taken into account when prioritizing implementation work, along with the number and type of URLs affected.

Importance: Critical

These Hints require immediate attention, as the issue may have a serious impact upon crawling, indexing or ranking.

Importance: High

These Hints are very important, and definitely warrant attention.

Importance: Medium

These Hints are worth investigating further, and may warrant further attention depending on the type and quantity of URLs affected.

Importance: Low

These Hints are of the lowest significance, and should only be addressed if there aren't more serious issues which have not been handled.

Front-end Insights

Insights are neither issues nor opportunities, and often don't require any action at all - they are brought to your attention as they may provide a useful avenue of investigation.

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